Our Review of the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 640 3LCD Projector

Epson ProjectorI have reviewed an Epson Projector before with the PowerLite Home Cinema 3000, and I was pleased to review the Home Cinema 640.

I was pleased that the Home Cinema 640 was very easy to set up, and it can produce images of up to 300 inches. I wish that I had a wall in my house that could support a 25 foot diagonal.

The Home Cinema 640 has 3 LCD Projects with up to 3x Brighter colors than competitive projectors with 3200 lumens of color brightness and the same amount of white brightness.

Epson Projector 2Unlike the projector that I reviewed last time, this one has a two watt speaker on it. It can use S-Video, HDMI, Composite, RCA Audio, 15 pin Computer component video, a PC-free USB, and a USB Plug and Play.

Best of all, it is very portable and quite light. I have to admit that it is quite good and it is possible to purchase it on the Epson site for about $359.99.

Our review of the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3000

Epson home cinema 3000I have to admit that I haven’t reviewed a projector in a while, and I usually review the small ones. This is the first time that I reviewed a bigger one, and it is a very cool one with a small exception that I will get to later.

I’ll start by saying that it is 1080p, and setting it up is pretty easy. It took the interface of HDMI and components well, and I was able to have a projection on my wall that was huge and very clear. That is, after I had adjusted it properly.

Now, I don’t know if these numbers mean anything to you, but it delivers 2300 lumens of color brightness and white brightness. The 3LCD with 3-chip technology brought the images to life with true-to-life color. It has a 60,000:1 contrast ratio for 2D and full 3D HD technology.

Okay, so here is the drawback. There are no speakers on this. Not only that, I can’t find a good spot for an audio feed, I’m sure there is a place. You should be able to get the Epson Home Cinema 3000 on the Epson site for about $1,299.00.

Get your own Cardboard Smartphone Projector for a low, low price!

cardboard projectorIn case you were excited about the cardboard VR, you might want to check out this Cardboard Smartphone Projector. I’m not certain how this device is supposed to work, but apparently, you can put your smartphone on this fold-able cardboard box, and it allows you to project vids from your device to the wall.

Considering the price of projectors, the low price of this one is quite a bargain. I’ll let you know the price later, but it looks like there isn’t any tech involved. I’m guessing it is all done with mirrors and lenses, and this can give an impressive 8X magnification. Of course, even if you have the sight, the only sound will be as loud as your smartphone can do. Maybe you should invest in a Bluetooth Speaker.

All that for a very low price of $27.00 on the Firebox website. I told you that I was going to get to the price, and that is either too much or too little. Too much if it is just cardboard (granted, elaborately decorated cardboard) and too little if this actually does deliver the equivalent results of a high-end projector.


Bem Wireless presents the Kickstand, a Kickstarter project

kickstand bem wirelessI like how projectors are just getting smaller and smaller, and even though the smartphone projector business hasn’t really taken off, there is still a small (pun intended) market for small projectors.

This Kickstand comes from Bem Wireless, who has made some pretty cool speakers and other accessories in the past. I first saw Bem Wirless at CES, and I have been trying to review something from them for quite a while. I don’t know whether or not the Kickstand is the finest product, but it certainly appropriately named for a Kickstarter project. Kickstand on Kickstarter, see?

What you are seeing is the Kickstand, with an anodized aluminum frame which allows the project to swivel up and stand very still. This is different than most mini-projectors, which require complex set-ups like tripods or books to prop them up. You can even tilt it so it projects on the ceiling! You can like up the Kickstand to an iPad, smartphone, or USB drive, and you can get 720p high-definition projections at 90 inches. By the way, the Kickstand has a HDMI port, a USB port, and an Auxillary Audio out for connecting options.

Now, the Kickstand will sell for about $799.99 when it hits the market, but you can get in on this on the official Kickstarter page.