The Presidio Grip Case and Toast Wood Cover Review

I’m doing a review tonight that is a combo of different companies. One is a case, and one is a skin. Yeah, kind of a weird mash-up, but this is what I’m going with. They both have to do with phones, so here you go:

Presidio Grip

Photo credit:Presidio

This case, available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for $44.95  protects your phone while preventing slips. It has a rubberized surface with texture for easy grip. This case is drop tested up to 10 feet.

It comes in many different colors, and is actually available for many different types of phones. For the Galaxy Note 9, it comes in this Microchip Grey/Ballpoint Blue, Black/Black, Charcoal Grey/Graphite Grey, Eclipse Blue/Carbon Black, and Black/Dark Poppy Red. Check it out for your Note 9 and more on the Speck site.

The Toast Wood Cover

This product is different than most phone accessories we have reviewed.  It’s not quite a protective case, but it’s a little more durable than a skin. This adhesive product basically sticks to your phone, buttons and camera- giving it a real wood texture that can be customized.

We’ve reviewed this product in the past for different iPhones, and even the Surface Pro. Fans of the past Toast skins will like that you can now get one for the iPhone X / XS / XR / and XS Max.

The cases start at $34.00, but you can add little customized things for slightly more. There are different wood combos you can choose for the cover and buttons. The colors come in Walnut, Ash, and Ebony. The thing that I like about the cover is that it has that nice wood smell.

If you want to see all the styles you can add to this beautiful skin, check the Toast site out.

Both of these products were sent to us free of charge in exchange for our unbiased and honest reviews. No other compensation was given.

Speck Christmas, Part 2: Presidio Ultra (iPhone X), Presidio Wallet (iPhone 6S/7/8), ShieldView GlassPro (iPhone 6S/7/8), Presidio Metallic (iPhone 6S Plus/7 Plus/8 Plus), and Presidio Clear + Print (iPhone 6S Plus/7 Plus/8 Plus)

Okay, it is time to review some more Speck, and we have a lot going on here. Unlike last time, when we reviewed Samsung-related accessories, we are going to cover what Speck has for Apple with

Speck Presidio ULTRA for the iPhone X

I have to be honest when I say that I am surprised that the Presidio Ultra is not one of those waterproof cases. As far as I know, it isn’t, because it would have bragged about it on its packaging.

As it stands, the Presidio ULTRA for the iPhone X will give you the protection for Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone, at least from dust and dirt. If that sounds good to you, let’s throw in a little 15 foot drop protection. Oh, it has a no-slip grip, and 360 degrees of port protection.

Not only that, but this has four layers of protection thanks to our old elemental friend of Impactium. It also comes with this rugged holster as well.

In short, it looks like the Presidio Ultra for the iPhone X has it all, and it is available on the Speck site for $49.95.

Speck Presidio Wallet for the iPhone 6S/7/8

So, this is another interesting military-grade case with the Presidio Wallet. This one is made with two layers of protection, and it has that Impactium shock barrier. Did I mention that it is military-grade, drop-tested at 10 feet? Because it is.

You can see why it is called the Wallet, and it can hold up to 3 cards. I’m actually seeing this feature as practically standard these days, but that depends on how you shop. I still use a wallet, but I think the next generation will just use a driver’s license and a computer program to pay.

If this is something that you desire, head on over to the Speck site and pay $44.95 for it.

Speck ShieldView Glass Pro for iPhone 6S/7/8

Okay, it looks like I’m going to briefly not talk about cases to talk about screen protectors, and they do go hand in hand. The ShieldView GlassPro is tempered glass with sapphire treatment, and it is shatter resistant with a sapphire perimeter.

I always like how easy they are making screen protectors these days, and this particular one is easy to put on. You can then have the protection against scratches and oil.

It is quite good, and you can get it for about $49.95 on the Speck site. And by the way, you should really just get a screen protector if you don’t have one already.

Speck Presidio Metallic for the iPhone 6S Plus/7 Plus/8 Plus

Well, this is a case that is quite something, with the Presidio Metallic. Like other cases of its type, it has two layers of protection and that Impactium as well.

I would have to say that Metallic isn’t really accurate, as it doesn’t appear to be made of metal. I mean, it feels like some kind of hard plastic, something that is not soft to the touch.

It certainly is very decent, and it is available on the Speck site for about $24.97. At least for now, as that could be a holiday rate.

Speck Presidio CLEAR + PRINT for iPhone 6S Plus, 7 Plus, and 8 Plus

Well, I have already talked about the CLEAR in my aforementioned Samsung review, and gone into detail about how it is military grade and drop tested for 8 feet. It also has that Impactium that I keep bringing up, and this will be the last time that I bring it up.

What makes the CLEAR + PRINT different is that it has a design on it. I suddenly realize that as I have been writing about all of these and have not mentioned the color of any of these. The CLEAR + PRINT is all about the cool design, and for some reason, there are bikes and flowers on these cases.

I highly recommend going to the Speck site and checking the patterns out for yourself. You can get it for about $24.97, and that is a possible discount price for some of the patterns.

Speck Review of Three iPhone 7 Cases: Presidio SHOW, CLEAR + GLITTER, and GRIP

Speck 1I always love reviewing Speck products, and it has been a while since I have reviewed them. Fortunately, I had a chance to review three for the iPhone 7.

I’ll start with the Presidio SHOW, which is for the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6/6S. I believe that it is called the SHOW because it is transparent, which means it shows just about everything on the back of the iPhone.

In addition to the transparent style, it also has this shock barrier on the side which is made of Impactium. That sounds like one of those sci-fi names, like unobtainium from Avatar. This is a good shock barrier to protect the iPhone, so isn’t that great?

Yeah, it is, and the Presidio SHOW can be purchased on the Speck website for $39.95.

Speck 2The next up is the Presidio CLEAR + GLITTER. It is very similar to the Jewel case from SKECH, but it doesn’t have the fakey rhinestones. This is very glittery, and it comes in one solid glittery shape and has some embedded glitter crystals.

Like the Presidio SHOW, it is also made of Impactium. I don’t know if that has officially become an element, but this is definitely a thing now.

You should be able to purchase the Presidio CLEAR + GLITTER on the Speck site for about $44.95 in Clear/Gold Glitter, Onyx/Gold Glitter, and Rose Pink with Gold Glitter/Rose Pink.

Speck 3So, let’s talk about the Presidio GRIP. Let’s just talk about why it is called the GRIP, and it has some divets in it for some extra grip.

In other words, you could have your hands slippery in oil, and you could probably use your iPhone. Or at least you can hold it, but using the touchscreen could be problematic.

Of course, it has Impactium, because apparently all Speck smartphones have that these days. You can get the Presidio Grip on the Speck site for about $39.95, and it comes in Black/Black, White/Ash Gray, Graphite gray/Charcoal Gray, Twilight Blue/Marine Blue, Lipstick Pink/Shocking Pink, and Whisper Purple/Lilac Purple.

Speck Candyshell Inked Cases, Amped Cases, and DuraFolio Case for the iPad Air

Speck CandyShell InkedI have reviewed a lot of Speck products before, and I was able to get a hold of a few so I can do this next review. I’m going to start with the Candyshell Inked case.

I have actually reviewed the Candyshell Grip Case, and it is a scratch resistant case with military grade protection. There are no rubberized grips on the Inked, but there are high resolution graphics. This one in the image that you see here is the Galaxy Purple/Revolution Purple, and it is simply beautiful. I really hope that this wonderful graphics don’t fade, but I hope the promise from the website is good.

You should be able to get the CandyShell Inked Cases on the Speck site for about $39.99. It is available for all kinds of models of smartphones.

Speck Amped CaseThe Candyshell Amped case has the same military-grade protection, but it has another feature: it can double the sound of the smartphone. I think that this has something to do with the inner shape of it, some sort of “Horn Design”.

Yes, I don’t know how it works, but if you are trying to just amplify your sound, it could save you money buying a Bluetooth speaker. This is provided you just want 2X louder and clearer sound, and it is really good that there isn’t any need for batteries.

Unlike the other CandyShell cases, I can only find this for the iPhone 5. You can get it for about $44.95 right here.

Speck DuraFolioThen I had the chance to review the DuraFolio iPad Air Case. It has the military-grade drop protection of the previously mentioned CandyShell cases, and it can prop up your iPad Air for watching videos and such. You can even adjust the angle as well.

The good part is that the case only adds 0.3 inches, which means that the iPad Air won’t get too thick. The DuraFolio has integrated magnets that can wake and sleep the iPad Air upon opening and closing.

If you want to get this, head over to the Speck site and lay down $69.95 for it.

It’s a Merry Speck-mas: HandyShell for iPad Mini, CandyShell Grip case for iPhone 5C, and the CandyShell + FACEPLATE for iPhone 5/5S

Speck iPad MiniOkay, this has to be one of the longest titles for a post that I have ever used, but Speck sent me some stuff, and I will be darned if I don’t review it. I will start with the HandyShell for the iPad Mini.

The HandyShell for the iPad Mini is pretty much your everyday case for the iPad Mini. As someone who has some experience with Speck products, you have to like the raised edges that protect the iPad Mini up to the screen. This means that you can lay it down on a table.

Here is what really makes that HandyShell stand out, and stand up. It is that looped handle thing that is made as a stand in portrait and landscape mode. It can also be used for hanging it on something, or a good holding grip. You can get the HandyShell on the Speck site for $49.95.

candyshell iPhone 5CThen there are the CandyShell cases, and I will start with the CandyShell Grip Case for the iPhone 5C. This is a case made for big texters, as it has plastic and rubber grips that will keep it in text-crazy hands.

It also has come tactical thumb bumps, which are ridges that keep thumbs aligned with touchscreen buttons. There are two layers of protection, and raised bezel to keep the screen safe. If you like it, you can get it on the Speck site for $34.95.

Now the last is the CandyShell + FACEPLATE, which I can’t find on the Speck site, so I can’t give you a price. It is a CandyShell case with patented protection, and a cushioned interior. The FACEPLATE keeps the screen protected from nicks and scratches, and just about anything else. The FACEPLATE uses TrueTap technology, also trademarked, for a “superior touch response”.

Well, that is a good merry Speck-mas to you. All these are available, or probably will be available on the links listed above.