Our Review of the Movavi Video Suite, and How To Make Videos

If you are anything like me, then you have subscribed to a lot of video channels which are nothing more than amateurs who know how to make video better than can. Chances are, all they do is point the camera and edit it, but the mystery of video editing may allude the beginning video user. Fortunately, the Movavi Multimedia Software has you covered.

In case you haven’t noticed, it was brought to my attention that this software existed, and so I did the 7-day trial. From the moment that the software downloaded, the window showed up with a very instinctive interface.

How instinctive is this? Well, I have always wanted to make videos, and back when I was at CES 2018, I wanted to do some kind of video spot on playing Pokemon Go while I was there. Of course, I wanted this to be “raw”, so I just did some footage of me walking down the strip, somewhere near the Palazzo/Venetian/Mirage area. I had seen other YouTubers do this, and I had about 8 or 9 small video clips that I filmed in the order that they are shown.

So the only problem I had was how I was going to stitch these clips together. Thanks to Movavi’s Video Suite, all I did was hit the “Add Video Files” button and upload the clips in a row. They were pretty much stitched together.

All I needed was just a Title Screen, and it was also very easy to make. I just needed to type the right words, and there it was. I probably could have done more work on this, but I was pretty impressed with what it could do in a very short time.

I didn’t really want to make an ending credits sequence, but I remembered that I had taken some video footage of the Bellagio fountain playing “Viva Las Vegas” from the King himself, and I might as well make good use of that. Just to let you know, it was very easy to crop video clips, and the minute and one half of video was down to ten seconds. Again, it was easy to drag and drop that vid in there.

Now, there was only one thing that I wanted if I could get it, and that was transitions. As it turns out, I just hit a button, and the transitions were put in automatically between my clips. What I finally got was something like this:

You can see way below that I was able to save my video project, and then upload it to YouTube. I can tell you that it was pretty easy, and I think it is incredible how easy it is to do this.

I haven’t even got into some of the features. I think it is strange that when I put in a DVD to watch, the first thing that Movavi did was ask me if I wanted to put it somewhere. I am definitely going to have to get into the particulars of transitions like stickers and the like. Hopefully, they won’t give the video a look that is amateurish, but I could probably say that about my current work:

Anyway, I really feel like Movavi is the video editor for me, and I hope to do it on more video endeavors. I might not be the next YouTube star, but hey, at least I have the tools to do so.

Now, if you want the Movavi Video Suite, it costs about $79.95 for a Personal License, and $169.95 for a Business License. I highly recommend heading over to Movavi’s site if you are interested in learning how to make videos and looking over at what else is available to, while you are at it.

TiVo Bolt + Has more Tuners and More Memory

tivo-boltOkay, I have had a great time reviewing the TiVo Bolt, and now there is a TiVo Bolt +, or Plus. It has six tuners (the ability to record six shows at once) and three terabytes of recording capacity (up to 450 hours).

Now, I don’t know about the tuners part in comparison to the old version, but my Bolt only has 1 TB. Just to compare, the TiVo Bolt + has the same dimensions as the original, and I am assuming that it is black in color (the original was white).

Also with the Bolt + is the Skip Mode, which helps to skip commercial breaks at the press of a button. I’m not certain if the original Bolt had Quick Mode, but it allows watching for shows 30 percent faster with pitch-corrected audio.

Oh yes, it also has the Mobile live TV and recorded shows on the application, which is something that I love, personally.

As far as all the ports are concerned, it has the Coax, Audio L/R, HDMI, Ethernet, and USB 2.0 ports. Again, I don’t know how this compares to the original Bolt, but it is capable of 4K TV.

As far as the price is concerned, it is about $499. As a comparison, it is $200 more than the original. Normally, I put a link on the site for how to purchase the item, but I am told that it won’t show up until September 15.

Our Review of the iKlip A/V

iKlip-AV_front34Well, we have talked about iKlip A/V before, upon its initial release. I mentioned in that article how easy it is for anyone to create some high-quality video now, and the iKlip A/V is made for those who want to have their own video channel and take it on the road.

As you can see from the picture here, this newscaster is being shot on video with a smartphone. It is one that allows the shooter to capture and monitor pro-quality audio with a high-quality mic preamp and it has a built-in wireless receiver.

ik_multimedia_iklip_avYou can see that the iKlip A/V has a place to mount your smartphone, thanks to the help of this clip thing that will hold it in place. You can then plug it in for an external microphone better than the smartphone’s mic. You can see that you can plug in the external microphone, and if you need power, it has 2 AA batteries ready for you. By the way, there is also a headphone jack so you can listen to what is being recorded.

By the way, just having this iKlip Xpand Mini allows for some stability while you are filming. Granted, it doesn’t have any kind of steadicam action, but it is much better than just holding your smartphone and filming. By the way, you can mount this on a tripod because it has that threaded hole at the bottom.

You should be able to purchase the iKlip A/V on the IK Multimedia site for about $179.99.

IK Multimedia Announces iKlip A/V

ik_multimedia_iklip_avThis next product reminds me of the Steadicam Smoothee from Tiffen, and IK Multimedia has a product known as the iKlip A/V which helps you do the same thing. In case you need a reminder, click on the link.

But if you are too lazy to click and read, here’s the thing. It is a way of taking a smartphone and turning it into a steadicam. Why? Because you need one for your video channel. You do have a video channel, don’t you? Yeah, I should probably get to work on that.

It has a high-quality XLR mic preamp with phantom power and built-in wireless receiver support. It uses 48 V phantom power with two AA batteries, and it holds any iPhone or Android device from 3.5 to 6 inches.

Now, you can find out more information about it here. However, this won’t be the last time we report on this, and you should look forward to a hands-on review of it.

Chewbacca Mask Lady Keeps the Internet Entertained for Good Reasons

By now, you’ve probably seen this video from Candace Payne, and it has made her a star overnight. I won’t bother describing it, but it involves a woman who made a purchases a Chewbacca mask and tries it on behind the wheel.

This woman isn’t trying to advertise the product, but it is probably the best advertisement for this toy ever. What makes this work is how she is completely sold on this toy, and how it brings her genuine happiness. She literally cannot stop laughing, and it is not faked at all.

I’m actually very glad that this video has been seen by so many. This woman isn’t the type that you would see on camera, and I’ll use the Meghan Trainor article that I wrote about last week as evidence. She is Star Wars fan, and is unashamed.

I hate the fact that I see a lot of people trolling this video, because it demonstrates the benefits of the Internet as opposed to television. I feel that TV wouldn’t allow someone like this to just be themselves, but that is a strike against it.

I’m sure that this isn’t the only viral video that we will see like this, so I look forward to seeing more talented people just being themselves.


Meghan Trainor Pulls Video After Photoshop “Fix”

Meghan TrainorI’m sure that you have all heard of Meghan Trainor, who has done hits like “All About That Bass” and “Lips Are Moving”, and she is often characterized as being plus-sized. Yeah, this is just not a nice thing to say about anyone, because most see it as a nice way of saying “overweight”.

She recently released a video of her new single “Me Too”, which is a new single from her new album “Thank You” which is coming on May 13. This video is full of Trainor in various outfits, which includes pajamas and a giraffe costume. Actually, that is pretty normal video stuff, honestly.

However, Trainor’s waist was not normal, and it was slimmed down digitally. Trainor was infuriated by this cut, pulled the “slim-down” version, and released a new version today.

I am really siding with Trainor on this one. This really just shouldn’t happen, especially when the singer has put in her songs lines about how Photoshop is fake. This is one of those times where it is really difficult not to get upset at the decisions of producers who really believe that they are giving us what we want.

I suppose that all I can say is “you go, girl”.


“Ghost in the Shell” VR Film

ghost-in-the-shell-virtual-reality-diver-edI feel odd explaining what Ghost in the Shell is, but if you have never heard of anime (and there are a lot of people that haven’t) then you have never heard of Ghost in the Shell.

Ghost in the Shell is…a film that has a lot of…female frontal nudity and violence. It’s one of those dystopian style science fiction movies, and it means…something. I think it does. It’s kind of like Blade Runner or the Matrix, as it feels like just a science fiction film, but there is some deep, deep philosophy in it.

Yeah, I remember watching it, but I don’t remember getting anything out of it. Perhaps I should watch it again. I bring it up because if you are trying to bring VR into storytelling, I suppose the dystopian setting works for some 360 sights, maybe.

So, if you have one of those VR Viewers, wouldn’t it be great to view Ghost in the shell: Virtual Reality Driver on your phone? Nope! My Source says it will only be shown in 31 Internet cafes across the Kanto region in Tokyo.

Granted, the film is only 15 minutes long, but come on! If VR films are going to catch on, users are going to need access to serious VR content.


Our Review of the TiVo Bolt or Confessions of a TiVo Virgin

Tivo-boltSo, I am going to have to admit that I would like to think that I have the latest in technology, but I didn’t have a TiVo until a few days ago. In fact, I was pleased that I could try out the TiVo Bolt.

If you aren’t familiar with TiVo, then where have you been? I guess the same place where I have been, but at least I know what a TiVo is. In the case of the Bolt, it is the most recent model and is supposed to be a “Unified Entertainment System”.

The biggest selling point of the TiVo Bolt is that it allows you to skip commercials entirely. That is, if the show is set up for that feature, but you better believe that my wife was pleased to see the The Bachelor without any commercials. There is also this QuickMode for watching shows 30 percent faster like sports, news, and political addresses.

Tivo RemoteI will have to say that I found it easy to use. The moment I had it set up, I was able to check the guide and then select what shows that I wanted to watch. I found out later there is this feature known as OnePass, and if you use that, then you can just select a show and have all the episodes brought to you. Okay, I am oversimplifying this process, but the TiVo bolt is there for you with Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, and much more.

I will have to say that the set-up was pretty easy. I had a chance to plug my cable directly into the TiVo Bolt box, and then connect an HDMI into the TV. I needed to get a Cable Card from my cable company, which is Time/Warner.

I will say two things that I had trouble with some things. First, my service gave me the Disney channel on channel 23, and now it’s gone. So much for that deal. Then there was a time where the Bolt just stopped working. Seriously, it just stopped. Then I had to call the cable company, and they claimed it was a cable card problem. So I replaced the card and had the same problem. That didn’t work. Then I suggested to the cable company that I could just unplug the thing, and plug it back in. So then it worked. What is up?

Still, it was worth it for what I have. I now have all the stations with Netflix and all sorts of other possible combinations. From now on, if I can watch it on my TV, I am TiVo-ing it. This allows me to watch a recorded program on my computer as well as my smartphone. The best thing about the TiVo bolt is it is set up for 4K. Yeah, I don’t have 4K either, but man, do my network shows look good on my TV, like the best.

If this is something that you want, check it out for $299.99 plus one year of service on the TiVo site.

Lifeprint is the Coolest Tech that I have seen so far this year

Lifeprint PrinterI realize that it is difficult to say that anything is big deal, and I really should have reported on this when I saw it at CES 2016. Yes, I did say that the future is “mesh”, as if to substitute the last word from “meh”, but honestly, the Lifeprint is very good.

I can’t remember what after-party that I saw this at CES, but some man just came up to me with a photo and then made it into a video. How did he do this? He held up a mobile device, and through the screen, I could see a video. I posted a video of it below so you can see what it is about in case you can’t visualize it.

Needless to say, this was one of those times at CES where my eyes bug out because I am impressed by some new technology. The Lifeprint is able to print Apple Live Photos, vines, and GIFs, and then animate them with Augmented Reality (AR).

I believe that this comes with a printer so you can print out a still shot from a video, and then use the augmented reality function to make it move. The guy at the booth said that “it’s like Harry Potter”, and I have to admit that we really should have the tech to make the newspapers of Harry Potter come to life, perhaps using tablet technology.

This though, it turns a photograph, which is a great memory in and of itself, into a greater memory. This is one of those Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects, so I don’t really have a price as yet. This could be a product that everyone could have around the house, especially if you want to keep a photo album or scrapbook.

SlimPort Nano Console

SlimPortGenerally, I don’t really review products that apparently still on Indiegogo, but I have to admit that this product, which I picked up at CES 2016, is so very decent. I might be understating this, as the SlimPort Nano Console is a very good product that can do a lot of things.

Basically, the SlimPort Nano Console is a cube shaped device that connects to an HDMI display. From there, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to this cube. Not only will this cube charge your tablet or smartphone, anything on your tablet or smartphone will appear on your display.

It really is a good idea, as it just makes sense to make something to get things on your mobile device onto a display. Not only that, you can take control of the smartphone or tablet with a Bluetooth enabled touchpad NANO to control a device just like you are holding it.

Not only that, you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to turn the device into something else. Yeah, it can do that and more with gaming.

So, yeah there is a lot that you can do with this. I believe that the price that I am seeing for this is quite low at about $59. You can find out more about it on the SlimPort Nano Console here.