Three Cygnett Products to Charge Your Devices

cygnett_chargeup_digital_6000It has been a while since we’ve reviewed Cygnett products, but the opportunity to do so has come to us again. Like the last time, we have a portable powerbank- the ChargeUp Digital 6000. We were also given a Lightning™ to USB cable, and a Micro-USB to USB cable.

The first item I’ll cover is the ChargeUp Digital powerbank. This particular one at 6,000 mAh is one of their mid-range as far as power goes. They also have similar products that are at 10,000 mAh, and lower ones at 4,000. This change is mostly reflected in the price. The super thin devices are black with your choice of blue, green or red accents. They have a nice digital display in the corner to let you know how much battery life is remaining.  *Note: On the box, it says it is precharged and ready to use. When I pulled it out, there was only 78% charge. Other reviews I have read seemed to have various percentages. One review said there was no charge. I’m guessing your mileage may vary.

It comes with a Micro-USB charge cable, and also works with Lightning™ to USB cable(not included). There are two USB ports on the powerbank, so you can charge two devices at once. The lithium polymer battery gives it the ability to hold more charge and to charge devices at a high speed. The 6,000 mAh ChargeUp Digital can be purchased on Cygnett’s site for $69.95.

Lightning-black_e2e579d2-060e-48d7-86c6-c7ee608e9893_1024x1024The Lightning™ to USB cable we received is a reinforced, braided cable made for iPods, iPhones and iPads. There is 13 ft/4 m of cable, which is a nice length to charge devices without having to be right on top of a USB port. You can buy as short a cable as 1 m, and that will reduce the price. This cable costs $49.95 if you buy it on the Cygnett site

And finally, we have a Micro USB to USB Cable. This one Cygnett sent to us to review is also 13 ft/ 4 m. As with the Lightning™ cable, it is also braided to make it durable. It provides rapid 2.1A charging. This cable is available for $29.95. You can also get the white PVC style cord for the same price. 

Cygnett ChargeUp 11000 mAh Pro Powerbank

Cygnett ChargeupYes, I have reviewed Cygnett products before, and I have reviewed mobile batteries before. I suppose what I am going to have to say that the more mAh, the better, and so the ChargeUp Pro Powerbank has them.

However, there is more to a mobile battery than just a micro USB input and two USB ports. The ports are 1 A and 2.1 A USB ports. Oh, then there is the indicator lights, and…well, it feels like a usual mobile battery.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a good product. The issue with mobile batteries is there is almost nothing to add to them.

The weirdest part is that I received this product in the mail and could not find it on my Cygnett site. You should be able to get it for about $80.

New Cygnett products Part 1: The WorkMate, Optic Shield, and Source Cable for the iPhone 6

Cygnett WorkmateIt’s been about a year since I reviewed any of Cygnett’s products, and after looking at today’s models, I can’t help but think this is a darn shame. Today’s products are all compatible with the new iPhone 6.

I’ll go ahead and start with the WorkMate, a case with “an integrated tri-material PC/TPU/Silicone design that provides superior shock absorption”. In case you are wondering, I did take that quote from the Cygnett website, but I can tell you that it is made for snapping on to the back of an iPhone 6 nicely.

Everything is made with a nice square grid pattern, and for some reason, there is a hole in the case so you can see the Apple logo. You should be able to get it on Cygnett website here for about $29.99 in many colors.

Cygnett OpticShieldOkay, so that is a good iPhone 6 case, so let’s talk screen protector with the OpticShield. Now I believe that the iPhone 6 has a pretty tough touchscreen, but you can always use an ultra clear toughened glass screen protector with an “absolute scratch-proof and impact resistant surface to protect your device from everyday use”.

Again, I am quoting the website but the simple truth is that I don’t really know what 9H Glass is. Apparently, it has Silicone Adhesive for easy installation, then Tempered Glass, then Optical Adhesive, then finally a Oleophobic Coating. Yes, I don’t know what some of that means, but if you want some serious protection, then you want to go in this direction.

You should be able to get the OpticShield for the iPhone 6 for about $29.95 here.

Cygnett Source CableI’ll go ahead and end with the Lightning Charge and Sync Cable. Everyone needs a charging cable, don’t they?

You might as well have a cable that is short but sweet, and at 10 centimeters, it is just what you need for charging near your laptop or desktop’s spare USB port. It comes in all colors, and you can get it for $24.99 on the Cygnett site here.

Part 2 of Cygnett products is coming soon, so keep an eye out for it.

Cygnett, Part 3: The Node and Paradox Texture of the iPad Air

Cygnett NodeOkay, it is time for two more products for Cygnett, just what you need for Black Friday! In this case, both of these products are for the iPad Air.

The first is the node, which is a basic folio case, which means that it can be stood up. It has a sort of flap in back to hold the top flap in place, and this good for watching vids or other activities.

Clearly, the Node is not leather, but it is a hard wearing woven material. I am not certain how to describe it, but it reminds me of old hardback books. Yeah, that is about the best I can come up with, but you want to check it out, it can be purchased on the Cygnett site for about $39.99.

Cygnett Blue ParadoxIf it is a different kind of folio case that you are looking for, I would like to suggest the Paradox Texture. This particular case has a soft textured finish, not like the Node.

The Paradox Texture has its own unique style as you can see with its folding flap. I tried it out, and it is very interesting how it folds up, and the flap locks into place with a magnet. I really can’t help but like this design, and think it is downright sexy. In fact, I love to see what else this interesting origami will reveal.

If you want to see this for yourself, go over to the Cygnett site and pay about $39.99.

Cygnett, Part 2: Alec Wallet for iPhone 5/5S, Workmate Utility for iPhone 5/5S, and Lavish Wallet for the Galaxy S4

Cygnett AlecWell, we are back with some more Cygnett products, and this time, I have three for smartphones. One for the Galaxy S4, and two for iPhone 5/5S.

I’ll go ahead and start with the Alec, presumably named after Alec Baldwin, as it would be perfect for his 30 Rock character. After all, it is made of genuine leather, and considering all of the vinyl products I have seen that look like leather but aren’t, it is refreshing to see the real thing on the Alec.

The Alec has two big features going for it. First, it has that flip design for holding credit cards and cash, which I have seen so often that I am beginning to think it is a standard feature for most cases. Also included is a very hard snap-on chassis, as well as a screen protector.

So not only is the Alec classy, but it also offers some good protection as well. You can get it on the Cygnett site for about $49.99.

Cygnett Workmate UtilityOkay, so let’s talk about the Workmate Utility. While the Alec is big on class with its Genuine Leather, the Workmate Utility is very big on protection. It reminds me of the Otterbox or Lifeproof cases, but it doesn’t seem to be made to survive underwater. This is not to say that it can take the hits or bad conditions that those brand cases are able to do.

However, it has dust and weather sealed ports, and the covered buttons make it a case for not-so-ideal situations. Considering it was designed with “off-road conditions and urban design in mind”, its 360 protective systems is made with quad-material for resisting shock and other damage. If you are interested in it, you can get it on the Cygnett site for about $39.99.

Cygnett Lavish ExecutiveThis leads to the final product for the Galaxy S4 with the Lavish Executive. Now, I am told that this has a “leather-feel” material, so I am guessing it doesn’t have the genuine leather of the Alec.

The Lavish Executive does look pretty classy, and it is lined with microfibres. I am not certain what that is, but I believe it provides more protection. Another bonus is that the user is able to mount this thing in landscape mode, which is good for watching videos and such.

So, if you are looking for some class on the GS4, head over and to the Cygnett site and pay for about $39.99. Okay, that is about three cool products from Cygnett, and wait until we get to Part 3!

Cygnett, Part 1: Soundcheck Headphones

Cygnett SoundcheckWell, you know that when I start a headline with a Part 1, this means that there just has to be a Part 2, yes? This is the case with all the Cygnett stuff that has been sent to me, which includes this here pair of SoundCheck headphones.

Believe it or not, it is actually hard for me to review headphones because I always have to say some sort of variation of “they sound good”. These particular ones have some “dynamic sound” and “powerful bass”, and yes, I am just quoting from the company website.

So here is what I know from my experience. I am trying them out right now, and the bass is really making the YouTube video that I am watching really stand out. They also block out the background noise, so use with some caution if you want to enter a new world of sound.

These SoundCheck Headphones are designed for mobile devices, but I’m okay with them on my laptop. Anyway, if you want to get in on these headphones, it costs about $49.99 on the Cygnett site.