Nomad Powerpack Charges Your Device in a Rugged Way

Nomad PowerpackWe’ve reviewed many a powerpack here at The Geek Church. Many of them have their own claims to set them apart from the others.  Per their website, Nomad is a company that brings products “designed for adventure.” From their multiple products, we were sent the ultra rugged PowerPack to review.

The Nomad PowerPack boasts an “ultra-rugged construction.” Under that assertion on the box, it states,”mortise and tenon.” I had to look up what that was, and apparently it is a type of joint that is one of the strongest in wood-working, and apparently used in the construction of this product. It is also created with overmolded rubber, and boasts a 1.2M drop protection under the Military Spec. The construct on this product is pretty grippy, though, and it would not be easy to drop.

There is a feature on this device that I can really appreciate. I have some external battery chargers to assist in charging our family’s devices on the go. The problem lies in always being able to locate them when I need them. The answer to this is an app called Tile® that works with Bluetooth tracking, and as long as you have your phone, you can ring up your Powerpack- being able to hear it from other room, or buried in a deep pocket in your backpack. If you have Apple(iOS 8.1 and up) or Android(4.4 and up), you will be able to use this app on your device.

There are two different Output ports- USB C and USB A. The USB-C charging works with high-density Panasonic li-ion cells, and makes for some fast charging. There are 3 indicator dots on the end that will tell you how much battery life is in your PowerPack. 1 dot = 1-33%; 2 dots = 34-66%; three dots = 67-100%. There is also a sensor that will detect the lighting in the room so it will dim the LEDs at night, which is a nice touch. An iPhone 7 will be able to charge 3.5 times off a fully charged pack.

The Nomad PowerPack is pricey at $119.95 on their website, but for something that has these great features- especially the ability to track and find missing devices, it could be well worth it for someone looking to charge in style on the go.



Nomad Ultra Rugged Battery Cable

nomad-4Well, I think I am through reviewing leather products from Nomad, so I guess I will review…another Nomad product? Yes, this is an Ultra Rugged Cable, and it comes in four forms.

I’ll talk about the one that I was sent to reviwe, the Ultra Rugged Battery Cable. Unlike the other cables, this one has a 2350 mAh battery. Since this is a battery cable with a Lightning connector, that means it will give you a good charge for your iPhone 7.

Now, when I first saw this product, I thought this this was some kind of super thick and flexible steel cable. That is not the case, but it is made of Kevlar and nylon, so it is quite tough. I will say that I like this thing on it that makes it easier to wind up.

The battery cable is a pretty great product to have, and is quite a great gift for $39.95 on the Nomad site. Also available is the Universal cable at $34.95 and Lightning cable for $29.95.

Nomad Leather Case for the iPhone

nomad-3Well, I have already reviewed two Nomad products with the Charging Wallet and the Apple Watch Strap. I figured that I might as well tackle one last one before Christmas with the Leather Case for the iPhone.

Since I have reviewed a lot of cases in the past few days (and weeks), I might as well just say what is different about the the case: it is made of leather. I am told that this is made of Horween Leather, which is apparently from America’s oldest tanneries, the Horween Leather Company.

I am told that this develops a “rugged patina”, and I think that means something. Maybe I need to get more into leather culture. Man that didn’t come out right! Anyway, that’s just on the outside, but the inside appears to be velvet lined, for some reason.

You should be able to get this on the Nomad site for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6 Plus. The price is about $39.95, and it is available in Horween Brown or Horween Gray.

Nomad Stand for the Apple Watch

Nomad StandThis is one of those products from Nomad, a company that I will always recommend. Their products are usually chargers and batteries, but these practical products are well-made and stylish. In the case of the Stand for the Apple Watch, this is as “simple as possible”.

Go ahead and look at the design for the stand. It is just a cord with a strip, with the strip bent at a slight angle so the Apple Watch can rest very naturally while it charges. The stand is made of aircraft grade aluminum, which means that it is strong and has a rubber footing to keep that watch there.

If this is something that you want for an Apple Watch, then this means that you have an Apple Watch. I’m told that a lot of people have it, but I kinda don’t. Anyway, you can get it on the Nomad site for a low price of $29.99.

Our Review of the Nomad Wallet for the iPhone, and it’s a good one!

nomad-wallet-1I always love reviewing Nomad products, such as the NomadKey, NomadClip, and NomadPlus. This company always has a way of putting chargers in places where they are most convenient, and the Nomad Wallet is no exception.

In fact, it really excels the charger into a whole new realm. Most of us, when we leave the house, we take our keys, phone, wallet, and mobile battery/charger. Nomad just decided to put that charger into a wallet.

The battery in it has 2400 mAh, and it fits very well within the wallet itself and can give one full charge for the iPhone 6S. It doesn’t give you the “fat wallet syndrome” that George Costanza had on Seinfeld, which means it will fit in your back pocket without hurting your back. The small Lightning cable stashes right in, and it is out of the way.

Within the wallet is space for five credit cards, one driver’s license, one RFiD card, three business cards, and 10 bills.

This is a product that I am going to give my highest recommendation for. You can get it on the Nomad site for a price of $99.99.

The NomadKey, NomadClip, and NomadPlus from…Nomad!

NomadKeyI had a chance to try out three Nomad products from Nomad which includes the NomadKey, NomadClip, and the NomadPlus. I’ll go ahead and start with the NomadKey, even though I have done it before with the Nomad ChargeKey.

The ChargeKey is essentially a charging cord, but very, very short. It is made of “high-grade polycarbonate from Bayer and a stellar rubber elastomer from Dupont to make it flexible and durable”. It is called the NomadKey because it is a keychain.

Imagine being in a situation where you don’t have a charging cord, but you have your keys and there is a spare USB. And where isn’t there a spare USB these days? Just connect the NomadKey to the USB and then the other end to the mobile device.

You can get the NomadKey on the Nomad site for about $24.95 for the Lightning Cable and $19.95 for the Micro USB.

NomadClipA similar product to the NomadKey is the NomadClip. Yes, you can use it as a keychain, and it is has a USB plug as well as a connector for a micro USB and Lightning connector.

You might ask yourself why would Nomad make a Carabiner out of a charger. Well, some people like Carabiners to hold their keys, so why not make it into a charger? Yes, you just need to do that since there are people that would prefer a longer length of charger, even though it is just a little bit longer.

Of course, you can’t use it for climbing. How do I know that? Because I tried, and I fell…no…it has “not for climbing” engraved on it. If you want the NomadClip you can get it on Nomad site for the Lightning Connector and micro USB for the same price, $39.95.

NomadPlusThe NomadPlus is essentially “a charger for now and for later”. It is a product that I haven’t really seen before.

When I got it, I saw that there was a hole in it and you can plug in the plug-in charger that comes with an Apple product. So when you are charging your iDevice, the NomadPlus is charging as well. Best of all, it saves power within the NomadPlus so you can give your iDevice or any other device that is chargeable via USB.

You should be able to purchase the NomadPlus for about $39.95 on the Nomad site, and it really is a good product. In fact, they are all terrific products and I would recommend them.

The ChargeKey by Nomad

ChargeKey_grandeI am pretty familiar with the Chargecard. I first saw it at CES 2013, and I believe it was nothing more than a Kickstarter project then. I am pleased to see that it has now developed into the ChargeKey, which works for the iPhone 5/5S/5C, Lightning iPad, and iPad Mini.

The ChargeKey, as its name suggests, is about the size of a key. It is a charging cord, and it is not long. Then again, how long does it need to me. For example, if you are working on a computer with four USB ports, why not spare one to charge up your iDevice.

According to the company website, the creators said they made this “out of necessity”. I believe them, as I am also sick of my phone dying on me, and if I can charge it while I am working on my computer, I say give me more. Keep in mind, you need to be disciplined if you want to really get the most out of this. Remember to charge your phone while you are working!

As someone how has now tried out the ChargeKey, I will recommend it. It is made by Nomad, but I don’t think it is the one who makes the Mini 2 paintbrush/stylus that I reviewed last week. The ChargeKey will be available in February, for a price of $25.

Nomad Mini 2 Paintbrush/Stylus

Nomad MiniI have reviewed a lot of styluses, or whatever the plural of that word is. Most recently was that Virtuoso by Kensington.

I was pretty excited to review the Nomad Mini 2, which is both a stylus and a paintbrush. I have seen paintbrushes for the touchscreens before, and I like how it is retractable. Yeah, all you need to do is just twist it, and those bristles are the shizzle. Okay, that was dumb, but you try to come up with a rhyme for bristles.

1387154108572In addition to the bristles, there is also a rubber tip which you usually see in most styluses, or stylii. Stylii. That has to be right. The rubber tip can be unscrewed and replaced, by the way.

Anyway, the Nomad Mini 2 weighs 0.6 ounces, and it is perfectly balanced in the hand. I had my daughter use it on Picasso, and here is what she came up with.

If you are interested in this, head over to the Nomad site and be prepared to spend about $35.00 for it.