Creative Lab’s iRoar Go Powerful Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker

photo credit:Creative Labs

This Bluetooth speaker is small, but mighty. It has a sound that you wouldn’t expect to come out of this little speaker you can carry in your hand. We’re reviewing another Creative product today. This is the iRoar Go.

This speaker has 5 drivers with built-in subwoofer. The bass really rocks on it. You can see it vibrate on the passive radiators on the end. There are also two amplifiers, and the ability to save your personalized equalizer settings into the device. This 1.78 pound device can really rock it.

Other great features include the ability to plug in a microphone and use the device as a personal PA system. You can do Karaoke on it, and even record yourself. The battery life is a lengthy 12 hours, but you can use some of that up with charging your phone or tablet on it. You can play FLAC/WAV/ or MP3 files through microSD cards or USB flash drives. Of course, there is also the Bluetooth capability to play things from your deviceĀ  with a powerful 4.2 connection.

There is so much that we can say about this neat product, but the video is better at showing it. If you want this product, it sells for $149.63 on with free Prime shipping. $149.99 on the Creative site. That’s down $50 from it’s original price, so a pretty good sale going on there just in time for Christmas.

Thanks to Creative for sending us this product to review in exchange for our unbiased and fair analysis. No other compensation has been given.

All you Need: Creative Labs Outlier One Plus with Built-in Media Player

Photo credit: Creative Labs

It hasn’t been long since we reviewed a pair of Outlier in-ear headphones from Creative Labs. We do have another chance to review a pair today, and this review is of the Creative Labs Outlier One Plus.

These in-ear headphones are an upgrade from the Outlier One. We’ve not reviewed the Outlier One, but we know that these have an improved Bluetooth connection- 4.2 as opposed to 4.1. They also have the special feature of a built-in Media Player with 4GB of internal memory.

What’s in the Outlier One Plus Box?

  • The Outlier One Plus
  • Three sizes of ear-tips and and two types of secure-tips
  • USB Cable (0.25 m)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Carry pouch

Outlier One Plus Battery

The battery life depends on how you use the in-ear headphones. If you pair it with Bluetooth to your devices, you’ll get up to 7 hours. Using the MP3 alone will give you longer- up to 10 hours.

Outlier One Plus Comfort and Build

The flat line cord is made to prevent twisting and tangling, and to lay nicely across your neck. They have an IPX rating of 4, so you can wear them in the rain or while sweating, and not worry about damage. The in-line mic is built with easy-to-navigate controls. The earbuds give you a choice of fit, and can block out surrounding noise well. They also have the wingtips to provide a secure fit.

Outlier One Plus Overall Value

For $49.99, I think these are an excellent value, and worth checking out more.

Thanks to Creative Labs for sending these to us to review in exchange for our fair and unbiased analysis.

Creative Labs Sound BlasterX P5

Photo credit:Creative Labs

Creative Labs has sent us another product to review specifically for gamers. Gamers are the target audience for Creative Labs products like the Sound BlasterX H7 headphones we reviewed in the past. We don’t usually see a product like this when it comes to audio for video games. The Sound BlasterX P5 is an in-ear gaming headset.

If you don’t like the weight of gaming headsets, these light, 12 gram earbuds might be what you are looking for instead. They are great for noise isolation. You won’t hear much of the outside world with these in your ears. The little tube things on the buds are not just for looks. These tubes are made to optimize bass.

These earpieces house 7mm Neodymium magnets to give you great clarity and high sensitivity 114dB audio. The in-line microphone is also well-built. It is a high clarity mic- allowing you to communicate in-game with ease. You can answer phone calls and play/pause your music with one button, and another toggle switch to mute the microphone.

In the Sound BlasterX P5 Box you get

    • The unit itself
    • Small, medium and large rubber ear tips
    • A 3.5mm AUX female to dual 3.5mm AUX Male splitter
    • Carry case
    • Warranty information

Just like the headphones we reviewed, these work with the BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite Software you can download for free. This optimizes the sound quality you can get out of your games on computers(specifically Microsoft).

For the reasonable price of $69.99, you can buy these high-quality earphones.

Thanks to Creative Labs for sending us this product to review for free in exchange for our fair and unbiased analysis.

A Review of the Halo Bluetooth speaker from Creative Labs

We’ve reviewed many a bluetooth speaker on the GeekChurch, and here is another from Creative Labs- a company we’ve been able to do some otherĀ reviews for lately. This speaker is called the Halo, and if you are an augophile or chromatophile, you might enjoy it greatly.

The Halo is a portable Bluetooth speaker- with dimensions of 6.9 x 2.8 x 4.3 inches and weighing a little over a pound. It also has a nice little carrying handle on the side.

The top has a rubberized panel with raised symbols to power it on, turn the volume up and down, take calls, and control the lights. The rest of the speaker is covered in a cloth material- with the exception of the mirror ring around the front, and the black plastic type ring on the back.

All-in-all, it has a pretty great look to it. Speaking of look- did I mention the mirror on the front? So if you are vain and want to get a look at yourself, you could. There is the downfall of fingerprints on the mirror surface, but what is really great is when you get the lights going on it, and it looks like you can see forever into the back.

If you have a favorite color, you can leave it on that particular color. You have the option of 16.8 million colors when you download the iOS or Android app.

The app,Creative Xpectra, allows you to change the effects and colors shown on the speaker.

The light effects do tend to drain the battery- which is said to last 8 hours, but doesn’t last nearly that long with the light show. Also, the volume will effect the battery life as well. If you want a long lasting light show (more than two hours), you might want to bring along the charging cable. A small USB cable for charging is included. It’s only about a meter long, though.

The sound is about what you might expect for a small bluetooth speaker of this price. It’s definitely not for the audiophiles, but it is a fun speaker, nonetheless, and a good sounding one for this price range, which is $69.99 on the Creative website.

Disclaimer- Creative sent us this product for free to review. No other sponsorship has been given in exchange for our unbiased and fair review.

Creative Labs SoundBlasterX Siege M04 Precision Gaming Mouse

I might as well say that the Seige M04 Precision Gaming Mouse feels like some kind of sidekick to the SoundBlasterX Vanguard K08 keyboard that I reviewed earlier. It has the P.R.E. (Perceive, React, and Execute) features of that keyboard, and it is a product of some serious hard work.

So let’s start with its features. We are talking a gaming grade PMW3360 IR LED sensor with 32-bit high speed MCU with low lift-off distance. It also has 7 fully programmable buttons full of internal memory, as well as 3 level DPI cycle button for on-the-fly DPI switching. The Siege M04 also can’t help but feel good in the palm of your hand thanks to its comfortable right-handed design for palm and grip.

Oh yes, and let us not forget about the Aurora Reactive Lighting System, good for 16.8 million colors. I’ve sort of gone into detail on that when discussing the Vanguard K08 keyboard, so I’ll touch on the 32-bit high speed microcontroller good for a polling rate of 1000 Hz, 12,000 native DPI, and low 2mm lift-off distance.

All of that adds up to a gaming mouse you want to keep around the house. Yeah, that is a pretty lame slogan, but hey, it is good enough for a recommendation with the other gaming mice.

It is available for $64.99 on the Creative Labs website, and this is as good of a time to say that the SoundBlasterX Siege M04 was given to us for an unbiased review.

Creative Labs SoundBlasterX Vanguard K08 Gaming Keyboard

All right, it looks like we are reviewing another fine product from Creative Labs, and this time, it is the SoundBlasterX Vanguard K08, a gaming keyboard. Well, if you are familiar with any keyboard reviews that I have done in the past, then you know that I am going to type my report using the product.

So how does it fare? It feels like I can type a lot faster on this guy. Part of it is that its design with OMRON, PRES (Perceive-React-Execute Switches) which allows for rapid-fire keystrokes. Yeah, there is a diagram showing how fast a typical key gets pressed versus one from the SoundBlasterX Vanguard K08. The shaving of a few seconds really makes it faster, by about 25 percent.

Let’s talk about the keys, and not just the speed. There are 109 fully programmable keys on this guy, with five of them on the left side as M1-M5. This is really designed to up your game, and the game it seems designed for is Final Fantasy XV (the Windows version).

Since this is a gaming keyboard, then you know what that means, a lot of pretty lights on the keys. It has this Aurora reactive technology which gives it the power of a lot of colors similar to the northern lights themselves with 16.8 million colors.

It is because of this wonderful glow that comes with two USB plug-ins to make it work. I’m grateful that my computer recognized it right away, but I had to wonder why the cables were so darn thick.

It’s quite something, and I’m not even finished writing about the benefits. It has some buttons made for media playing, and this really cool rotary volume control. I forgot to mention the detachable wrist rest.

Before I forget, Creative Labs sent us the SoundBlasterX Vanguard K08 for an unbiased review. I am going to say that it is a good gaming keyboard and give it a good recommendation. It is available on the Creative Labs website for $139.99.