Koala Mount for Tablets from Dockem

I suppose that a company like Dockem just has to make docks, and I had a chance to try out the Koala Mount.

The Koala Mount is a very simple tool that is essentially a frame for a tablet like the iPad so you can put it on your wall. The Koala Mount is Chrome-plated goodness that is quite easy to install. All you have to do is just use the 3M adhesive strips.

Granted, this means that you won’t be able to bring it down when you stick it up, but it is good for a tablet of any size. For those that want to watch videos on the iPad on their wall, this is for you.

The best part about the Koala Mount is that it is affordable. It is selling for about $19.99 on the Dockem site. It is available in Chrome and White.

Disney buys the Star Wars Universe, and Indiana Jones too!

I suppose that we all know about George Lucas and that story he created “in a galaxy far, far away”. As it turns out, Disney has bought the Star Wars universe for about 4.05 billion.

Yes, Disney, who owns the rights to ABC, Marvel comics, and much more had acquired the rights to Lucasfilm. This means that not only do they have all rights to Star Wars and all that implies, but they have the rights to Indiana Jones as well.

Lucas has stated that he apparently intends Star Wars to outlive him. This means that Disney/Lucasfilm will release a new Star Wars film. It won’t be a Clone Wars thing, but this will be Episode VII. You know, I once heard that George Lucas wanted to make a full nine of these movies, and perhaps that will happen. I think that Disney actually intends to put out a Star Wars movie every two to three years, sort of like a James Bond film. I believe that Star Wars VII is slated for Summer of 2015, but considering there have been so many books written about what happens to the Rebel Alliance after Return of the Jedi, I don’t know what it could be about, honestly.

I’m sure that I echo many of my reader’s sentiments when I say that I didn’t really enjoy Episodes I through III of Star Wars. Grated, these prequels are good films, but they are not great films. Star Wars was such a landmark in filmmaking when it was unveiled in 1977, and The Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedi really set the bar for Hollywood magic. I always look back to those three films and equate those with classics from my childhood.

So will Disney make Star Wars great again? I don’t even know how that could be possible. Today, I saw The Amazing Spider-man, and couldn’t help but wonder why it was made. If you haven’t seen it, just watch the 2002 movie. Is this what we will be given as movie-viewers? Rebooted franchises? Man, I’ve got to come up with something new.


The Liquid/Mist Case for the iPhone 5, from id America

I have been thinking a lot of New York with Hurricane Sandy, and id America has “Born in New York” in their slogan.

I had a chance to try out idAmerica’s latest offerings for the iPhone 5 with the Liquid and Mist. These cases are available in many styles and finishes.

I’ll start with the Liquid. It is a padded flexible case for drop protection as it is made from a thermoplastic polyurethane. it is available in 18 different colors and 3 distinctive finishes.

The Mist collection is made from polycarbonate, to protect against bumps and scratches. This is available in 8 different colors and 2 finishes (translucent matte and solid matte).

You should be able to get these cases on the idAmerica site, for about $14.95 each. You should check out what else they have as well, like their Spark and Metropolitan earbuds.

Windows Phone 8 announced yesterday

I realize that I am a little late on these stories about the announcement of the Nexus 4, and I don’t want to leave out that Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft had a big announcement presentation thing that showed off a lot of new features like Rooms. Rooms is a user defined group of people for shared to-do lists, calendars, and photos all in one place. It works with iOS with group messaging.

Another addition are its exclusive Windows 8 apps like a dedicated Facebook app for connecting to the phone, as well as new versions of Twitter, Skype, and Pandora, scheduled for arrival in early 2013.

Then there is Skydrive with about 7GB of free cloud storage along with options for photo options of arrangement.

Also, there is Kid’s Corner, which is a way that kids can play with the phone, just like mine do. All it is required is some sideways swiping, and the apps that you want your kids to see will show up in this special place. As a parent, that is a bonus for me, and calls will still come through but new messages and emails won’t come in.

Here’s a quote from my Source on the availability:

Regarding availability, there was good news to share. On AT&T, the Nokia Lumia 920, 820 and HTC 8X will be available in November. Verizon has the Lumia 822 (an 820 variant), the HTC 8x, again available in November. Big Red will also have a so-far-unseen Samsung device called the ATIV Odyssey in December. T-Mobile is much clearer cut: on November 14 it will offer the Nokia Lumia 810 (another 820 variant), and the HTC 8X for $99 and $149, respectively. Sprint will not offer Windows Phone 8 devices this Winter.

Hmm. Haven’t used one of those blockquotes in a while. Anyway, that is Windows 8 for your phone for you.


LG announces the Nexus 4

LG announced the Nexus 4 yesterday, a smartphone that the “Life’s Good” company worked with Google to perfect.

What is under the hood is a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor, and it has 2GB or RAM and 16GB of internal storage with Android version 4.2. As for the screen, it has a 4.7 inch True HD IPS Plus display with 1280 x 768 resolution.

As for other bonuses, it has NFC capabilities, an 8-Megapixel rear-facing camera, a 1.3 Megapixel HD front-facing camera, and a 2100mAh Li-Polymer battery. I’ve also been told that it will feature curved glass edges so your finger can slide smoothly over it, and it has Corning Gorilla Glass 2.

The Nexus 4 will be available on Google Play next month in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, France, Spain, and Austrailia. The price will be $299 for the 8GB model, and $349 for the 16GB variation.


The CargoCase and CompactCase from Krome

Even though the iPhone 4/4S may seem passe with the advent of the iPhone 5, Krome has some pretty awesome cases with the CargoCase and the Compact Case.

Krome sent me two of their products, and in all honesty, I can barely tell the difference between the two. Both of them have a small pocket that can hold ID or credit cards, or business cards. I am told that it can hold bills, provided that they are tri-folded, but I don’t really use an iPhone like that.

I have seen iPhone products that turn an iPhone into the wallet before, like the HEX Axis. What really makes this unique is that it has an optional mirror, and I don’t know any product like that.

Okay, if you want these cases, you can get the CargoCase for about $39.95 on the Krome site, and you can get the CompactCase for the same price on the same site. Check it out if you have an iPhone 4/4S, and check them out if you want to see what they have for an iPhone 5.

Wait, this just in! I figured out what makes the CompactCase different from the CargoCase! The CargoCase has a thing that can fold down, and it holds 5 ID or credit cards, or 12 business cards. It has a more visible “flap” that you can see in the illustration. The CompactCase can do 2 ID or credit cards, but can do 5 business cards.

Prexiso iC4 allows the iPhone to measure with a laser

I have never used one of those laser sights to measure something from here to the opposite wall, but if I did, I am glad to know there is an app for that.

Of course, using this app requires a separate gadget, one that sits in the 30 pin connector, and I would assume that they (had better) have one for the iPhone 5.

According to my Source, the iC4 is good at “measuring distances and volumes, identifying how much wallpaper is needed in a room, and optimizing rooms for home theatre use”.

Well, I don’t have a price for this thing for now, but it will be available on Novemenber 5th.


Memoto Camera records your life

I have talked about Kickstarter projects before, these are tech projects that are funded by you. Many inventors get money for their new stuff there, and one of the latest is the Memoto camera, which doubled its goal in 12 hours.

The Memoto camera is about the size of a postage stamp, and this micro-device snaps random photos. It clips to your clothing with a stainless steel clip, and it has software that can organize the photos to the photos can be accessed at any time. Each photo can be taken every 30 seconds in 5 Megapixel resolution, and it has a GPS so you can tell where the picture was taken.

I suppose what we are looking at is a camera that will record almost every moment of your life. Now, if there was only a way to just upload to Facebook easily. Perhaps there will be people who just randomly upload to Facebook from their Memotos.

Well, I look forward to this new era of Instagraming. If you want to get in on this, it will cost about $279 and should be available in many colors early next year.


The SUG7 Smart Strip wireless USB surge protector from Bits Limited

I generally don’t do many reviews on surge protectors, but I really don’t know why. After all, everyone has one, and no one has really taken the time to make a really good one.

No one, until Bits Limited has created the SUG7 Smart Strip, a wireless USB Surge Protector. What makes the SUG7 different is that it has two USB ports and two “always-on” outlets, for devices that you don’t ever want turned off. The remaining four outlets are the “Energy Saver” outlets, which I will explain below.

I thought that was pretty clever, and then I saw that it comes with a USB Transmitter. This Transmitter can serve two functions. When the USB Transmitter is connected to a device’s USB port, it detects power in the USB port and wirelessly controls the Energy Saver outlets.

It is also possible to turn on devices plugged into the Energy Saver outlets by touching the top button of the transmitter. It is good of turning off and on lights, and I’m surprised how well it works.

You should be able to get the SUG7 Smart Strip at the Bits Limited website for about $34.95.

7 Port USB 2.0 Powered Hub from Newer Technology

How many people have run out of USB ports on your desktop or laptop? I am certain a lot of you readers have your hands raised at this point.

You may as well get yourself a USB Hub, and this particular 7 Port USB 2.0 Powered Hub from Newer Technology, makers of the Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet.

There is not much to say about this, other than it connect six desktop devices like thumb drives, scanners, printers, and the like. Of course, since most of us have mobile devices that take up USB ports, so the more USB ports the better! You can even add additional hubs to support up to 127 USB devices.

Now, if you are looking for this kind of action for your computer, head over to the Newer Technology website and lay down about $34.95 for it.