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We Three Kingston Part 1: MobileLite Wireless G3

kingston-mobilelite-wireless-g3Okay, we will be writing about three products from Kingston, and two of them are headphone related. The other one is the MobileLite Wireless G3, which is a product that is somewhat difficult to describe.

The MobileLite Wireless G3 is made to be two things. I will start with a personal cloud. I talked about this with Apollo Cloud from Promise Technology. The personal cloud is a place where you can access files that exist in your personal space, and the Mobile Wireless G3 gives you a lot of it.

Maybe it’s not as much as the Apollo Cloud (which gives 4 TB), but you provide the SD card or insert a USB drive. If you want to clear off some space on your wireless device, you can do that for as much as you can put on your memory devices. By the way, you can get some great memory devices on Kingston.

Now there is another use for this: charging a mobile device. You can charge a phone up to 2 times when this thing is fully charged. Yes, this is a mobile device, and you can connect your tablet or smartphone to the USB port.

Now, the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 is available at a holiday rate for $65.00. Then there is the MobileLite Wireless Pro, which comes with 64 GB already installed, which costs a little more at $130.00 (also a holiday rate). Check them out on the Kingston site here.

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Active Edge Survival Straps: Regular Survival Bracelet, Fish Tail

Active EdgeWe have reported on Active Edge stuff before, such as the shirt that can make you healthier. Apparently, Active Edge makes these Survival Straps bracelets made of paracord.

If you haven’t heard of paracord, then you must be missing out. Seriously, there is some kind of fad on paracord, so if you ever are in a mess, you can just pull some paracord off your bracelet and use it. This is what I am assuming what it is, otherwise paracord has become some kind of fashion accessory.

The Fish Tail Survival Bracelet is made to be “super stylish and expedition ready”. Apparently, there is about 15 feet of 550 feet military spec paracord. Apparently, if you actually use it, then it will be replaced free in exchange of the story and the rights to publish it, and all you need to do is pay for shipping.

This bracelet can be purchased on the Survival Straps site for about $24.99.

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There Might Be a New Dungeons and Dragons Film, But Will The Church Stop It?

I’m going to be honest with you and say that I’m using this source about a new Dungeons and Dragons movie to talk about something else. I honestly don’t really care about a new Dungeons and Dragons film, but you can read the Source here if you do. I’ll go ahead and spoil it and say that Warner Brother seems really interested in it, for some odd reason.

The reason why I am bringing this up is I am using it as an excuse to talk about something: how the church can be…off. Yeah, I have been a Christian for over 25 years, but it has been very recently that I haven’t questioned God or Jesus, but the supposed values of Christians. I’m going to bring up the issue of Dungeons and Dragons, which I have not heard hardly anything about in the past decade.

If you are not family with Dungeons and Dragons, it is a role-playing game that allows players to imagine themselves as characters in a fantasy universe. There has to be a Dungeon Master who sets the scene so the characters can have some direction, and this Dungeon Master has to adapt to whatever the characters do.

I was told when I went to church in the nineties that this game is some kind of gateway drug into satanism. I believe that most of this is related to cases of suicide, and it was found that some victims play Dungeons and Dragons. There was even an after-school special called Mazes and Monsters where a player of the title game (an obvious rip-off of the popular role-playing game) became insane after playing the game. It actually starred Tom Hanks in one of his first roles, and I remember watching it and not thinking it had some agenda.

However, the church somehow adopted an agenda in the eighties and nineties, saying these RPGs were just evil. I admit that I joined in this mindset, and one of the first short stories that I ever wrote was anti-RPG propaganda. I have reversed my point of views, and my logic in the theme of this story is mistaken.

The truth is that these RPG games are no more harmful than sports. Yes, the characters use magic and kill enemies, but honestly, it isn’t real. Yes, there are probably people who have gotten into them in an unhealthy manner, but I can’t think of anything that can’t be abused. I’ll go ahead and segue into how I feel about Christianity.

Recently, I have seen how some Christian views are mistaken, and their attempts to save people have resulted in people just feeling bad about themselves. Two decades ago, it was considered not Christian to play these role-playing games, but a recent search on Google has shown practically nothing about it. Also, World of Warcraft became huge, and I never heard any Christian organization condemn it. Maybe they did, but who knows why I didn’t hear about it.

The church did the same thing with Harry Potter, and I never hear about that anymore. I think it is good that the church has changed, and I hope it gets more-Christ-like, really. That is, a bit more acceptable of things like RPGs, that don’t harm anyone. I understand about spreading the Word, and wanting to stop sin, but these RPGs don’t fall under that category.

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Ripple Maker Lets You Put Any Image on Your Coffee

Ripple MakerOnce again, I am going to review a product that I saw at CES, but I just haven’t got around to writing about it. This is the Ripple Maker, and it does what it says in the title.

Most people think it is so cool to see a leaf pattern in the coffee, but Ripple Maker takes it a step further. I don’t know if you can see it, but there is a dog in the coffee. That is, there is a picture of the dog in the coffee, and it is my dog.

So if you want a selfie in your sipper, you can do that. Now, I will be honest and say that actually see this machine in action, but as you can see from the video below, it has an LCD screen where you can program a picture. Also, there is an app for this so you can put an image photo, or message on a coffee top. This is the application available on iOS.

This is pretty amazing technology isn’t it? And, here’s some interesting information, I actually didn’t want to stop by this booth to see this machine in action. Hey, I have to be honest, because CES has like thousands gadgets.

ripple maker 2So when my wife told me that she had visited, I was pretty amazed at the detail of the photo. And when I saw the picture, she was 1/3 finished. So in other words, that image will stay there for a few sips.

So yeah, this is pretty much a vanity thing, because most of us just put a cover on our coffee cup and call it good. However, it really is the coffee of the future. Just come up to Starbucks and say “give me a half-caff with picture of me on it”.

I don’t know if this Ripple Maker is available for private use, but for those that are professional coffee shoppers, it can cost $85 per month. It is available for $999 and you can read here for more information.

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The Geek Church’s “Saving Thanksgiving”

I haven’t seen Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, but I did see the Cinema Snob’s commentary on it, and I honestly don’t really need to see it to know how bad it is. Of course, whenever I see something so bad I have to see the good in it. Considering that this film is considered one of the worst films of all time, and I actually believe has the top spot there, there isn’t anything more that I should say about it.

The issue with the film is that it tells nothing that we haven’t heard before, that there is a “war on Christmas” and people want to take the Christ out of it, blah blah blah. Like this film, I’m not going to say anything that hasn’t been said before.

Personally, I really think Thanksgiving needs to be saved, but the presence of Black Friday has proven that for years. Many are really saying this because now all the retailers are open on Thanksgiving for sales.

Now, I realize that Thanksgiving is a pretty questionable origin. Some say that the Pilgrims and Indians is a myth, and it started colonization and all of the bad things that happened there. Most will say that Thanksgiving is about being thankful.

However, how can we be thankful when shops are giving deals, almost saying “you don’t have enough”. Yeah, you knew I was going there. I’m not about to tell you that you can’t shop on Thanksgiving, but for gosh sake, can you just be thankful for what you have.

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Man Enters Apple Store with Samurai Sword

sword-h1This is an interesting time that we live in after the Paris attacks. I actually was going to publish an article about those, but my editor at the other website that I write for thought it would bring too much fear.

I decided not to publish the op-ed piece, and I recently heard that this story happened as a man with a samurai sword entered the 5th Avenue Apple Store. He swung it around and screamed at people. Two officers were in the store and escorted him out, and he kept screaming and swinging.

Considering that there has recently been a video released by ISIS showing New York City and a suicide bomber getting ready to strike, I can see a lot of fear going on, especially in NYC. With the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade going on, I can see that a lot of people are afraid of what could happen.

It turns out that the swordsman guy wanted to harm himself. He was then escorted to Bellevue hospital, and I honestly hope he is okay. Fear can drive anyone crazy, and I’m guessing that this is what terrorists want to do. I’m not going to let them.


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Where We Rant about “Sexy” Yandy Costumes, just in time for Halloween!

Crazy Orange FishWell, I’ve been hearing a lot about these “sexy” costumes, and many of them come from Yandy. Yeah, I put a link there, I understand that many of my readers are Christian, but if you don’t think you should click there, don’t.

There’s an example of Yandy’s work, and that is technically not a sexy Finding Nemo costume, it’s a “Crazy Orange Fish” (it’s one of the more tame looking ones). But yeah, what do you think when you see that? Sexy Nemo. And there is like a sexy Bugs Bunny costume, sexy SpongeBob, and if you can name something, it has been made sexy in a some form.

I think the big problem that most have with sexy costumes is that it hypersexualizes that which shouldn’t be sexualized. Should Halloween be an excuse for women to dress like this?

This is one of those questions that doesn’t have an easy answer. If I support these sexy costumes, then I could easily be accused of liking them for the wrong reasons. If I don’t support these costumes, I risk looking like a prude. There was a time when I did the latter, but all I have to say is that I wouldn’t want to see my daughter in one of these.

Then again, my daughter is not old enough to wear these adult sized costumes. It’s pretty clear that Yandy is getting attention because of the controversy, and there is just something inherently funny in seeing things that shouldn’t be sexy made sexy. I don’t feel that it is somehow corrupted, there just probably is a time and place for them. The issue is I don’t know that time or place.

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Holographic comedians are coming! Man, I hope not.

redd-foxx-and-andy-kaufmanI’ve mentioned before that there was some recent holographic musicians like Michael Jackson put in holographic form. It wasn’t the first time, as Tupac Shakur was once on stage as a hologram at Coachella 2012, and I am not the first time that was done.

The issue is now Hologram USA wants to give comedians the holographic treatment. The purpose is to make this an “authentic experience”, but isn’t this kind of not authentic at all. In all honesty, it is about the same effect of watching a movie of a man doing a stand-up comedy sketch, but in three dimensions.

So if Eddie Murphy was dead, you could just watch Raw, or you could use a lot of technology to put that movie or another Murphy performance in a 3D hologram. Which is easiest? Seriously, I don’t really like this idea, and they are thinking of using comedians Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx.

Yeah, I really don’t like this idea. This is not what you want to see if you go to Vegas. If anything, this is something that you would see in the background while you’re gambling.

Now I know why Robin Williams’ family didn’t want his image to be used for stuff like this.


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Somebody’s Prayers are Answered as Playboy will no longer have Nudes

PlayboyI don’t think I have ever talked about anything pornographic here on this site, even though some of the films that I reviewed on Speculative Fiction Friday contain some sex scenes and possible nudity. Personally, I believe that there might be a place for pornography, but it should not be with those who are lonely for real love and embracing the fake.

All right, I’m stepping off the soapbox. I’m sure that you have heard the news that Playboy is no longer going to be putting naked women in their magazine anymore. Sure, that was incredibly racy back in the 50’s, like that cover that you see here with Marilyn, but there are good reasons not to do this.

Two of my Sources blamed the Internet porn that helped bring about this decision on Playboy Enterprises part, and there is a quote that proves that. Scott Flanders, Playboy Enterprises chief executive, has said that “you’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. And so nudity is just passe at this juncture”.

I hate to say it, but Playboy is right. If they ever want my services as a writer, I would write for them. However, if they had contacted me a few years ago, I would have accepted to. Those people that say they read Playboy for the articles have a point that the articles are usually well-written.

For this reason, Playboy has a reputation of being a magazine full of “artistic” nudity rather than just sexual acts that other pornographic magazines are prone to show. It seems that Playboy’s move to not have nudity is a wise one, and it is also a business decision to veer their brand away from pornography and more towards men’s magazines like Maxim.

So, does this mean that it will be possible to purchase a Playboy from a magazine rack that doesn’t have something blocking the cover? I’ve heard that the Centerfold will still be there, but it will be tastefully PG-13.

You know, ten years ago, if you would have told me that they will let anyone purchase Playboy, I would think it was a bad sign. However, since it is PG-13, who cares?

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Red Moon and Water on the Red Planet

supermoon-live-stream-click-to-watch-leadIt really was a big weekend for astronomy. Not only did that big supermoon lunar eclipse happen, but there is confirmation of water on Mars.

So what? Well, if we ever have to go there, then we don’t have to worry about bringing a big waterbottle with us. Yeah, we are nowhere near that point, at least so we don’t need to journey to Mars out of necessity.

mars-flowing-waterApparently, the proof of liquid water comes from narrow streaks in satellite images during the summer of the planet that lengthen during warm seasons and fade when it gets cold. This was discovered by Lujendra “Luju” Ojha, who is a death metal guitarist as well as a scientist.

There doesn’t really seem to be a clear source for wear the water is coming from, so it is condensing out of the thin Martian atmosphere or rising up from the salty aquifers or underground ice.

Whatever the case, I suppose it would be possible to live on Mars. Yeah, I know that won’t be in my lifetime, but shoot, I saw want to see that.

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