ZAGG Holdiays 2017, Part 1: Rugged Messenger for the Apple 10.5 inch iPad Pro and Apple 9.7-inch iPad

It has been a few months since I have reviewed a ZAGG product, and I will have to say that I always look forward to it. This particular brand not only makes the popular Invisible Shield, but it also makes some decent headphones with iFrogz. Today’s review will focus on a wireless keyboard and durable, detachable case with the Rugged Messenger.

ZAGG Rugged Messenger for Apple 10.5-inch iPad Pro

I will have to admit that I am not certain if this is a Folio Case, but that usually implies a keyboard and case that fold up together, like this Rugged Messenger. It certainly has that back that can fold up, and then magnetically lock in place so you can view it in landscape mode only.

What you can’t see here is how the case is detachable, and this is also done with magnets. I found that the keyboard and case locked together incredibly well, and yet it is still easily detachable.

Speaking of things that are strong, I should discuss the case itself. It has some tough polycarbonate construction, and it can withstand drops of 6.6 feet. I find that the case has this big “X” on it that would make it feel home in an X-men film. For some reason, I say that a lot about cases.

As far as the keyboard is concerned, it is easy to pair and you can toggle it between two devices. It has a laptop keyboard so the keys are spaced out, and it also has a backlit with blue light or six other colors.

You should be able to purchase the Rugged Messenger on the ZAGG site for $99.99.

ZAGG Rugged Messenger for the iPad

Okay, I am just going to say it, but there isn’t really anything different from this particular Rugged Messenger for the iPad than the one for the iPad Pro. Oh yeah, it is a little bit smaller, and I probably should have mentioned that the one for the iPad Pro has a holder for the apple Pencil.

So, yeah, I don’t mean to be lazy, but if I wrote about it, it would be just getting repetitive. You can purchase this Rugged Messenger on the ZAGG site for the same price of $99.99.

Bodyguardz Pure Screen Protector for iPad Pro 10.5 and Trainr for the iPhone 6S/7 Plus

Well, it is time to review another great product from Bodyguardz, and they are very good at making screen protectors. They also make some cases, and today I am going to review both a screen protector and a case.

BodyGuardz Pure Premium Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPad Pro 10.5

bodyguardz Tempered iPad Pro 10.5If you are not familiar with a screen protector, then you probably need one. I remember seeing one of these ten years ago, before the age of smartphones really hit. It is a simple thin piece of glass to keep the touchscreen safe, and the Bodyguardz Pure is Tempered Glass for the iPad Pro 10.5.

This one is made from ion fortified tempered glass that is not just as hard as steel, it is harder than steel. This has some extreme impact and scratch protection that is optically clear with anti-smudge coating.

The end result is one of those screen protectors that goes on pretty easily as it comes with an installation kit and a microfiber cleaning cloth. By the way, it won some innovation awards back at CES 2013.

You should be able to purchase the Bodyguardz Pure Premium Glass Screen Protector for the Apple iPad Pro 10.5 on the Bodyguardz site for $59.95.

BodyGuardz Trainr Case for the iPhone 6/6S/7 Plus

Bodyguardz TrainrI actually reviewed this protect’s brother with the Trainr Pro, but this is just the Trainr Case with Unequal Technology. I’m not certain what makes it unequal, but it is made of sport-grip materials with a clear back and has some composite padding.

Similar to the Bodyguardz Pure, it is able to absorb impact, on contact. Also, this has some impact gel with a polycarbonate back, and the end result feels like a soft grip. The entire thing is actually quite flexible to easily accommodate the iPhone 6/6S/7 Plus, and presumably the iPhone 8 Plus.

If this is something that you like, head on over to the Bodyguardz site and pay $39.95 for it. It is available in Black/Gray, Gray/Blue, Gray/Mint, and Rose Gold/White. About the only difference between the Trainr and the Trainr Pro is that the Trainr Pro has this removable armband.

ZAGG Week Part 5: Rugged Book Pro for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro

ZAGG Rugged Book ProThis would be the second “book pro” that I have reviewed this week specifically made for the 9.7 inch iPad Pro. I am going to attempt to write this without sounding like I am repeating myself on the Slim Book Pro.

Because of that, I will get several things out of the way. The Rugged Book Pro has a very thin keyboard with a detachable screen. I guess that was something that was unique to the Slim Book Pro, but I suppose that I was wrong. Also like the Slim Book Pro is the Apple Pencil holder, the Power App from Mophie, and the three different pairing buttons.

Okay, that is out of the way. Let us talk about that which is different. Well, it wouldn’t be called Rugged if it wasn’t made to withstand some serious stuff. In this case, the Rugged Book Pro has a durable silicone rubber layered throughout the case itself, and underneath that is a stainless steel frame. Also included is a rugged polycarbonate in the case, not to mention some reinforced on the corners.

So, what does this mean? You can survive a drop of six feet. This means that I would recommend the Rugged Book Pro to anyone who keeps their iPad on the road and want that type of protection. If you want to get this for yourself, head on to the ZAGG site and lay down $149.99 for it.

ZAGG Week Part 3: Slim Book Pro for Apple 9.7 inch iPad Pro

ZAGG slimbook_pro_ipad_pro_detachWell, this is going to be the second keyboard for the iPad that we will be reviewing this week in our ZAGG week. I’m going to start with the Slim Book Pro, specifically for the iPad 9.7 inch iPad Pro.

At first when I saw that Slim Book Pro (one of several products that have been sent to me for review), I thought that I was looking at your typical Folio Case. You know, one of the keyboards that folds up to protect the iPad, which we have all seen before. To my surprise, the Slim Book Pro has a keyboard that is detachable.

In other words, you can detach the keyboard from the iPad, and you will still have a good stand for yourself. It comes in handy for when you are typing, and you can put your favorite tablet somewhere else. How handy is that? The answer is pretty darn handy, for sure, especially when the keypad and case lock together magnetically.

By the way, the stand for the iPad is made for many viewing angles. The keypad itself also has a kickstand in case you want it that way. While I am on the subject of the keypad, I will say that it is very, very thin. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to typing on it. I guess that I could say that about any keyboard, honestly.

I found that pairing with it was simple, but even more simple is how you can switch off. There are three Bluetooth buttons, so you can toggle between your iPad, iPhone, or whatever device you have. I paired it with my Android smartphone, so it does work that way.

So that’s the high points. I can’t say that there are any low points. The Slim Book Pro has a holder for the Apple Pencil, and it is compatible with the mophie Power App so you know when it is time for a recharge.

Is this something that you want? Head on over to the ZAGG site and pay $149.99 for it.

Our Review of Patchworks PureCover 12.9-inch and 9.7-inch iPad Pro Protection Case

Patchworks iPad ProI have spoken at great length about ITG Patchworks products that includes a lot of reviews of screen protectors and cases. Today, I’m going to talk about some protection for the iPad Pro with the PureCover case.

It is a soft PU leather cover, which means that it is quite classy. Seriously, the first thing that I am going to say is that if you have a 12.9 inch iPad Pro, then you should just purchase this. Oh, and it is also has a 9.7 inch version.

The PureCover has the ability to fold up and be a stand, and it can be done two ways. It can lay flat at an angle, or stand upright at an angle. So this is quite a thing for viewing video footage. By the way, there is an auto sleep that can turn the iPad Pro on and off.

Of course, that is just for protecting the front of iPad Pro. As for the protection of the back of the iPad Pro, it has a clear body and UV coating. Don’t worry, you will be protected.

The PureCover also has an interesting pocket to protect the Apple Pencil, which you will also love to have.

So, I’m going to recommend this Patchworks product, and it can be found on the Patchworks site for $45 in Champagne Gold, Black, Gray, Navy Blue, and Pink. Oh, and don’t forget the 9.7 inch version as well.

The Gravitas from Henge Docks

gravitasJust in case you don’t know, the word “gravitas” is defined as “dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner”. For some reason, I remember hearing this word around some presidential election, but not the last one. It’s funny how certain buzzwords show up around certain occasions.

In the case of Henge Docks, the Gravitas is a great dock for an iPhone or iPad. It is pretty heavy, so it can sit on your desk like a paperweight or something. I’m told that it is made of some zinc alloy that is more dense than aluminum, so it feels quite heavy.

If you haven’t realized it yet, there is a lightning port so you can dock the iPhone or iPad there. There are all kinds of inserts so you can put in all kinds of iPhones, and I don’t have enough iPhones from other generations to try this out.

So, since this is a dock, can you use it for recharging? Uh, yes, that is what a dock is! The coolest part is you can use the included double USB cord so you can sync your iPad or iPhone to your computer. By the way, there is a built-in speaker.

In short, I believe that the Gravitas is something that really needs to be owned by everyone with an iPhone or iPad. You should be able to purchase it on the for $69.

Gumdrop Cases for the Holidays 3: Hideaway iPad Pro 9.7 Case

gumdrop-3So, here’s another great case for the iPad Pro 9.7 inch version from our friends at Gumdrop cases. It is something that I have reviewed for the 12.9 inch version, and it honestly isn’t that much different.

One of the things that I like about the Hideaway series (I guess I will call it that) is how the stand can extend for video content viewing. I don’t remember if the 12.9 inch version had this, but the stand can magnetically lock into the back of the Hideaway case.

So that is a unique feature, but one has to talk about what is similar. In the case of the Hideaway, it is the tire tread texture. Man, I am really hooked on making that description about Gumdrop cases.

Oh, it also has one of these Apple Pencil holders, and it is pretty easy to install the iPad into it. Oh, there is also some screen protection, and yet you can still access all the stuff from the touchscreen.

You should be able to purchase the Hideaway iPad Pro 9.7 Case on the Gumdrop Case site for $69.95.

Gumdrop Cases for the Holidays 1: DropTech Case + Hand Strap for iPad Pro 9.7

gumdrop-1Okay, it is time to talk about Gumdrop Cases, which I have reviewed many times in the past. The last time that I talked about them, it was an iPad Pro 12.9 inch product, this time, it is the DropTech Case + HandStrap for the iPad Pro 9.7.

I will have to say that the case for the iPad Pro 9.7 has what I would have to call “a Gumdrop case” look. It feels like a tire tread, but cleaner. Seriously, I don’t know how else to describe it, but I like its feeling of rubbery-ness.

Inserting in the iPad Pro 9.7 is pretty easy, as it has an inner frame that opens up and just lets it in. However, there is another great feature here with the Hand Strap.

I have reviewed products like the Hand Strap before, and the DropTech Case has a big hole for it. What you do is use the adhesive ring on the back of the iPad, and the Hand Strap locks into place. The Hand Strap is made so you can hold the iPad in one hand on the back without dropping it.

The Hand Strap has a way of being 360 degree flexible so you can even spin your favorite Apple tablet in the palm of your hand. It feels very ergonomic, and it is pretty great for straps with Velcro.

You should be able to purchase the DropTech Case with Hand Strap for the iPad Pro 9.7 on the Gumdrop Cases site for $89.95.

UAG for Christmas, Part 3: Cases for both the Apple iPad Pro, 9.7 and 12.9 inch versions

uag-5Well, this is the last UAG product that I will be reviewing today, and it is quite a great one with case for both the iPad Pro, the 9.7 inch version and the 12.9 inch version.

I’ll go ahead and start with the case for the iPad Pro 9.7-inch version. The case is described as being “Frogskin” non-slip grip. I think that they got the non-slip grip part right, but something about this reminds me of an alligator skin, really.

In addition to the protection, there are also some other great features. The first is that there is a holder for the Apple Pencil, and the clasp shuts magnetically. What is great is how the cover can be separated, and you can attach a Smart Cover/Keyboard to it.

All in all, it is pretty great, and it can be purchased on the UAG site for $59.95 in colors of black, red, and blue.

uag-6As for the the case for the iPad Pro 12.9 inch version, there isn’t really much of a noticeable difference. I believe it is known as the Metropolis line, but I don’t see that moniker given for the 9.7 inch version.

The Metropolis case for the iPad Pro 12.7 inch version has most of the same features. It has an adjustable and detachable stand, the “Frogskin” or “Alligatorskin” exterior, as well as the built-in Apple Pencil holder. It is also compatible with the Apple Smart Keyboard.

About the only difference that I see is the magnetic clasp, which appears to be bigger, for some odd reason. Also, there is more that weird bolt look that I have discussed in earlier reviews. It must be a weird UAG aesthetic. I should probably explain that this appears to be trend.

Anyway, you can purchase the UAG Metropolis case for the iPad Pro, 12.9 inch version on the UAG site for $89.95.

STM Part 2: Dux iPad Pro Case

stm-dux-1In addition to reviewing the STM bag that I reviewed the other day, I figure that it was now a time to review another STM product. This one is the Dux case for the iPad Pro.

The Dux rugged case is made to just snap right on the iPad Pro, and it not only protects the device but has a place to hold the Pencil. I’m talking about that cool accessory that Apple just released, but I just checked, and it will hold a regular pencil too. By the way, this particular iPad accessory is made to work with Apple’s Smart Cover as well as the Smart keyboard.

It is a rugged case, and it only protects one side (the back), but that’s good enough for US military standards. The material is described on the STM website as translucent, but if they are referring to any part not the edge, it looks more transparent than anything.

So yes, the STM Dux iPad Pro case is just what you need for some protection, and it is available for the iPad Pro 12.9 and the 9.7 inch versions for $59.95 on the STM site in black only.