Secur Part 5: The Ultimate Solar Charger SP-6000

Secur SP-6000As I was reviewing the last Secur product, I was then sent some more Secur products to review. It appears that the company is listening to me when I said that I will review their products as much as I can. I’m going to tentatively say that the Ultimate Solar Charger is my last Secur product that I will be reviewing, for now.

Now, unlike the other four or five Secur products that I have reviewed in the past, the Ultimate Solar Charger isn’t trying to be too many devices at once. Not that there is anything wrong with that, because this is handy.

The Ultimate Solar Charger has a High Efficiency 12 Watt Solar Panel with a 10,000 mAh Lithium battery. Once it is charged up, there are dual USB ports so you can charge up two devices at the same time. By the way, it has enough power to charge an iPhone five times.

Secur 2It has a waterproof pouch that is good enough for holding a smartphone. So in case you are wanting to recharge at the beach, you don’t have to worry too much about moisture. by the way, there is this “Easel Bak” to adjust the position toward the sun.

It is a pretty good product that is charging my phone as I write this, and it is charging it fast. Like the last product, the Secur website doesn’t have a price on it just yet.

Secur Part 4: Solar Media Player Plus and Three-in-One Car Charger

Secur SP-5001_main_productWell, as you can see, this is the fourth Secur product, and it is two products for today. I guess that I’ll be reviewing these products as long as they will send them to me.

And that’s fine by me, as I mentioned in reviews One, Two, and Three that Secur products have a way of being incredibly versatile. Take this Solar Media Player Plus (SP-5001), as it is a mobile battery that can charge via the sun.

Yes, there are a lot of mobile batteries, and some are solar. However, how many solar mobile batteries can you name that can zip open and stuff your mobile device in and protect from the rain? Yeah, it’s great, and even though it doesn’t use Bluetooth, you can use the included cables to get two great speakers out of it.

So, basically, if you want to go to the beach and listen to tunes on your smartphone at a louder level while it charges and is safe for the rain, this is your gadget. Now, it can be purchased on the Secur site here, but it doesn’t seem to have a price just yet.

Secur SP-4006_main_productAs for this next product, the Three-in-One Car Charger I am going to tackle as kind of an afterthought. I guess it is just its small size that makes me do that.

Again, it is incredibly versatile, as it can offer two USB outlets with very fast technology. Then, if you get in a real jam, it has an emergency window breaker and seat belt cutter.

Like the first product, I don’t have a price for it, so perhaps it is not available at this time. So, find out more information about it here.

Secur Products Part 1: Folding Solar Powered LED Lantern

Secur SP-1107_wideIn case you are wondering, this is not a ceiling fan. This is the first of Secur products that I will be reviewing this week.

If you aren’t familiar with Secur products, then I want you to become acquainted with them. The ones that I tried out can do so many things, and this first one is designed for some terrific lighting in emergency situations. It just so happens to look like a fan.

What you can’t see in the photo is how the solar panels on the opposite side of the blades can absorb light in order to create light on the other side. These are high output LEDs, and it has a hook (which can fold down flush when not in use) so you can hang it from a tent roof or something so you will have light.

The product can charge in direct sunlight in just 12 hours, or 4 hours using a USB cable, which is included. It has a large capacity 6000 mAh power bank, and a low setting of 50 lumens, high setting of 100 lumens, plus a flashing light for some emergencies.

By the way, those fan blades fold up, for easy storage. It isn’t quite an effective flashlight as when the blades are out. Anyway, this is one great Secur product that I will recommend, and it costs $34.99 from the Secur website.

EnerPlex Part 1: Packr Solar Backpacks, the Commuter and the Executive

Enerplex Packr CommuterToday, I got a surprise delivery as I finally got a chance to review some EnerPlex products once again. The last time was when I reviewed the Surfr, the Jumpr, and the Kickr. This time, I got some other things, and I’m going to concentrate today’s reviews on the two solar backpacks that I received.

I’ll start with the Enerplex Packr Commuter solar backpack. This one is made for either the student or just some traveler, as it has a padded interior laptop laptop sleeve that will allow you to pass through with the charger. I am guessing that you could fit a tablet and put the wire through there for charging.

Yes, I should probably talk about the fact that this is a solar backpack and you use it to charge things. According to the website, it will take about 3 hours to charge a mobile device. Now, the sticker on the product says 5 hours on most mobile devices, and it also says it charges at half the rate of an outlet.

There are other bonuses on for the Commuter version of this backpack which include 2 external zippered pockets for water bottles, as well as business supply compartments for pens and business cards. You should be able to get it on the EnerPlex site for about $99.99.

Enerplex Packr CommuterOkay, most of the features of the Commuter apply to the EnerPlex Packr Executive. This one feels like the carry-on that I take with me whenever I go on business trips.

Granted, it doesn’t have any wheels or a pull out handle, but it seems to be made for business as it seems to hold both business cards and pens. I’m thinking that maybe I should take this on my business trips, although it would only fit my computer and not my clothes. It does have a zipper that expands the backpack, and there is a cool seatbelt thing for the laptop.

At least this Executive allows for some good charging, and the mismatched charging times that I mentioned apply. This Executive is very stylish as well as a charging device. It is also available on the EnerPlex site for $129.99.

Luci Lux and Luci EMRG by MPOWERD

Luci LIteAs a mom of two Cub Scouts, one of whom is becoming a Boy Scout this month, I’m excited to have the opportunity to review these two solar lanterns from a CES 2015 Innovation Awards Honoree for the Luci EMRG.

These inflatable, solar powered lanterns are waterproof- a great solution for the outdoor life. They are compact when deflated. and lightweight, so they would be great to carry in a pack for an overnight camp-out. They’re also good to have in the car or around the house for emergency lighting during a power outage.

The Luci Lux is slightly bigger than the EMRG with 10 LED lights. It has 3 settings- bright, super bright, and flashing. It still only weighs 4 oz, and will run 12 hours max on the bright setting. 8 hours is the full charge time on the solar panels. You can purchase the Lux for $19.99.

Luci Lux - 2The EMRG is smaller and more compact with 4 LED lights that still are pretty powerful. This one has 4 settings- bright, super bright, flashing, and an SOS mode-which flashes red and white light. It weighs 2.5 oz. It can give up to seven hours of light if at full charge, and if not used, it will keep 95% of it’s charge each month, so you can use it straight out of the drawer or bag, even if you have not charged it that day. The EMRG is well-priced at $9.99. You can buy these and other Luci lanterns on their website

The most impressive thing about this company is their goal to provide their product to developing countries- those in need of “Solar Justice.” You can help put lights into the hands of those living in energy poverty by giving a donation of $14.99 for the first light, and $9.99 for each additional light. You can learn more about MPOWERD’s Give Luci program here.

Eton Blackout Buddies

Eton-Blackout-Buddy-H2OI have reported on a lot of Eton products in the past like the Clipray, which are handy to have around during power blackouts. They now have some Blackout Buddy flashlights, which are really handy to have around.

I will say two because there are two that I have recently discovered. One of them is the Blackout Buddy H2O, and it is designed to operate without batteries. All that is required is a cup of water, and you have about 72 hours of illumination. You should be able to get it for about $10.

Eton Blackout buddy againThe other Blackout Buddy is an emergency LED blackout flashlight that be plugged into the wall until it is needed. If the power should go out, just unplug the flashlight, fold up the plugs and you have two hours of illumination. This will cost you about $22-26.

Head on over to the Eton site and get this if you are wanting this.

Apple to Samsung: Copy this, please!

Apple to SamsungI think we all know that Apple and Samsung are kind of like Frememies. I believe that Apple is always suing Samsung for stealing their ideas, and I can’t honestly give an unbiased view here. After all, practically every smartphone (not just the ones that Samsung makes) looks just like the iPhone since its release in 2007.

As you can see in this image here, Apple took out a full-page ad in a newspaper saying that they want other companies to copy them. Provided that what they are copying is making greener technology. Shoot, since it’s around Earth Day, I suppose we could all just get on board with that.

My Source believes that this ad is targeted specifically at Samsung, and I guess I’m going to have to agree with that. I am wondering if Samsung has the right to sue for slander or libel on this one. This could take the legal battle that they have been fighting one more step further, or behind.


Use one’s body heat to power a mobile phone

thermobatteryI think we all know from the film The Matrix (a film that I have been meaning to review on Speculative Fiction Saturday), that the human body does generate a kind of bio-electricity. Granted, you need a lot of humans for that for a power plant to harness this energy efficiently, but could one body power something small, like a mobile phone?

This would certainly be the case with this theory from professor Jo Byeong-jin of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Apparently, a four-inch strip that can harness your body to power a microchip, but you will need 400 square inches to power a mobile phone (about two watts).

Yeah, you would need clothes that would surround your skin, and be very tight as well. I think the closest illustration I can give is a stillsuit form Frank Herbert’s Dune, but instead of a suit that can maintain internal moisture, this is a suit that can power your phone. Yeah, I just used a Dune reference.

Well, this tech would be good for situations like soldiers in the desert or in the arctic, and Dr. Jo expects that his type of technology will be available in a few years. We’ll see.


This is Ivanpah, the largest solar thermal plant

brightsource-energy-ivanpah-solar-plantYes, this is the world’s largest solar energy system, at least this is what BrightSource Energy is telling us. The Ivanpah plant covers 5.5 miles, mostly with 173,500 mirrors.

This Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System has 392MW of power, which is enough to make up 30 percent of all solar thermal energy in the United States alone. That is good enough for 140,000 households, which helps to avoid 400,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year.

Yes, that does reduce the carbon footprint significantly, but there is a dark side. Apparently all the heliostats (the mirrors) have caused trouble for birds and other wildlife. So, do we take the clean energy over the endangered species? Stuff to think about.

Source1 and Source2

Bosco Verticale under construction

bosco-verticale-vertical-forestI am always interested in projects that are environmentally sound and have sustainable power involved, and this Bosco Verticale could set a standard.

According to my Source, “this building will help balance the microclimate and in filtering the dust particles contained in the urban environment, especially with Milan being one of the most polluted cities in Europe”. I suppose that we should probably have some sort of plant life in the big city, as not every city has a Central Park where all the trees and grass can be found. Perhaps this might be a way to really save the planet type of thing.

Of course, this is a definite high maintenance building. Check out the way this building is constructed as well, its like a bunch of blocks held together in an awkward, yet stylish pattern.

All right, I can see the future. Lots of buildings with trees in them, so the landscape looks less like concrete and glass and more like a forest.