Zoro Fashion Hi-Fi headphone

I have been reviewing a lot of wireless Bluetooth headphones lately, and I was disappointed that the Zoro Fashion Hi-Fi Headphone or Cellairis Zoro High-Def Stereo Headset was wired, but I am not disappointed that I have to ‘wear a wire” with these guys.

I found that the Zoro Stereo Headphone made a lot more noise than I thought it would. It is slightly smaller than the Throne by I-MEGO that I reviewed a few days ago, but it feels just as loud.

I’ve looked over the official site and it looks like it has a “hand-selected neodymium magnet speaker” with “high clarity, non-destructive sound effects”. All that means that it is quite loud on the ears, but very, very good.

Oddly enough, it can be folded up, and it comes with a special carrying case as well.

I do recommend these headphones. You should be able to get them on the Cellairis site for $129.99 in Black, White, and Red.

The Best New Smartphones at MWC 2013

In all fairness, Mobile World Congress is still going on in Barcelona, but I thought I would take some time to review some of the cool phones that were unveiled there.

I’ll start with Sprint’s Kyocera Torque, and it is a smartphone made for outdoor trips. It is an ultra-rugged 4G LTE Android-powered smartphones with Sprint Direct Connect and Smart Sonic Receiver Audio technology. This phone is made with Military Standard 810G, which means it can take dust, shock, vibration, humidity, and more. Expect it around March 8th, for $99.99.

Then LG steps into the fray with the Optimus G Pro. It is up there with the phablets as it has a 5.5 inch screen. It has a 1.7GHz Qualcommm quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM, and Jelly Bean, of course.

In addition to the G Pro, they also unveiled the F5 and F7 midrange models that also run Jelly Bean with 4.3 and 4.7 inch screens, respectively. Then there are the lower-end lines of the L3 II, L5 II, and the L7 II.

Then there is a new one from Huawei, the Ascend P2. This one brags that it is the “world’s fastest smartphone”, with a quad-core 1.5GHz processor. It has the JellyBean operating system and a 4.7 inch IPs HD in-cell touch display.

It also has a 8.4 mm chassis, and a 2,420 mAh battery. I have no word when it is going to arrive stateside, but should be in Europe for Orange for about 399 Euros. Oh, let us not forget there are more than just new Android phones.

In addition to the Lumia 720 that we already reported about, there is also the 520, Nokia’s most affordable Window Phone 8 device yet. It has a 1 GHz dual core processor, and a 4-inch 800 x 480 pixel display.

So if you were like me, and didn’t make it to MWC again this year, that was the highlights, and I am sure there are more I didn’t write about.

Outbox could be the end of snail mail as we know it

I suppose that we all know that the post office isn’t really a dying industry, but so many other services (UPS, FedEx) and technologies (e-mail and IM) can replace it completely.

Of course, there is nothing that can replace getting physical mail, but a company would like your snail mail as electronic as possible. Their technology actually puts physical mail on your iPhone, iPad, or PC.

I will have to admit that it would be different not to have a mailbox. The service allows mail to be picked up three times a week, and then it is actually opened and scanned. Then the contents are stored, and you can review them on the web with the option of organizing, archiving, and searching. You can even e-mail your mail.

Granted, I have to admit it is weird to have someone going through your mail, and they only work on locked mailboxes. You will have to give permission for the company to go through your mail, and give them a key. If you want to actually see the mail, you have to specially request it. Packages, by the way, will be sent to your door.

After an initial alpha test, Outbox will be available in San Francisco. It is about $4.99 a month, with the first month for free. I would like to see how this one goes. Perhaps we will all get Outbox accounts and forget snail mail entirely.


My Heart will go on with the new Titanic II in 2016

I am not certain how long this one has been in the making, but I have heard rumors that a sequel to Titanic was coming. I’m not talking about the famous James Cameron movie, but the ship.

An Australian billionaire named Clive Palmer wants to re-create the original magic of the White Star ship, only without the tragic maiden voyage. The Titanic II will be a replica of the original RMS Titanic that will actually be three inches longer. It will have that classic staircase, and I believe that it will keep with the original 1912 aesthetic. I have even heard rumors that there won’t be any TVs in the rooms, and it will have Turkish baths.

Okay, let’s get the jokes out of the way. Will people be separated into classes? I actually heard that the answer to that is yes.

So, will there be enough lifeboats? Yes, it will have 18 motorized lifeboats that can carry 150 people each, and two lift rafts that can carry 400 people. The boat will carry 2,600 passengers with a crew of 900.

So, will there be a Heart of the Ocean diamond on board? Heck no, there wasn’t one on the original Titanic. They made that up for the movie.

As mentioned in the title, the Titanic is set to sail in 2016. That’s a long waiting list, and I am told that 16 people are already willing to pay top dollar ($750,000-1 million) per cabin.


Alarm Clock Gun wakes you up on the wrong side of the bed

If you have any fantasy about living in such a way that you need to keep a gun under your pillow like James Bond, then you might like this alarm clock gun.

This kit has a vibrating alarm clock to buzz under the pillow to wake you up. I am not certain where the projection is, but it looks like you stop the buzzing by “shooting” it off.

In case you are worried about violent video games encouraging violent behavior, you might want to consider what kind of behavior this device will foster.

The Secret Agent Projection Alarm Clock is not presently available at the Latest Buy catalog now, but you can pre-order it here for about $31.15.


Skyflash jetpack plans to take off and land on the ground

Some of you might remember a man called Jetman, who loves to jump on a plane and fly this his own private jetpack. This man, Fritz Unger, is working on a Skyflash jetpack that has the unique ability to take off right from land.

He hasn’t quite succeeded in this venture, but it has lifted him off the ground for an instant as he went along at 34 mph. The jetpack can go at 160 horsepower and its inventor believes that 110 mph would be enough to get him to fly. As it stands, his wooden contraption weighs 55 pounds each, with 9 pounds of weight on the wings.

You might that it is crazy to go along the ground at high speeds on those tiny wheels, and yes, I wouldn’t do it. I am going to assume that he doesn’t land like this. Check out more after the jump.

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MasterCard MasterPass allows you to check out without a register

Mastercard has unveiled a new program at Mobile World Congress called MasterPass, which allows for mobile payments.

Here is how it works. All you need to do is find your item, and then scan the bar code with your mobile phone. The application handles the purchase, and so you can walk into a store, scan, and walk out with the item. If someone at the front gives you any guff, just show the receipt on your smartphone.

The application can also do QR codes and NFC tags, and the application can do gift cards, debit cards, and other types of store credit.

I suppose that we will soon see an age of just taking stuff off the shelf, provided you pay on your smartphone. That means there are no more check-out lines, but I see an age of a line at the door to check receipts. This already happens at Costco, along with the check-out line.


Myo Gesture-Control Armband could usher in an era of true motion-control

It seems like the future is going to give us motion capture on everything, and the Myo from Thalmic Labs is ready to embrace it.

The Myo uses muscle activity and motion sensors in order to translate a movement. In case you don’t believe that it could work, just move your fingers around, and you’ll see muscles in your arm working too. The Myo is designed to read these twitches, and it is up to you to decide what to do with them.

As you can see from the video after the jump, you can use the Myo to do many things. Of course, no one has officially authorized it to do so just yet. I don’t see why you couldn’t, everything has Bluetooth and so does this.

So I suppose this is up to developers to think of what to do with technology. Do you want to just keep it in the offices for making presentations? Maybe we want to use it to control our smartphones? This is tech that I love to see, and I would love to see it applied more.