We Three Kingston Part 1: MobileLite Wireless G3

kingston-mobilelite-wireless-g3Okay, we will be writing about three products from Kingston, and two of them are headphone related. The other one is the MobileLite Wireless G3, which is a product that is somewhat difficult to describe.

The MobileLite Wireless G3 is made to be two things. I will start with a personal cloud. I talked about this with Apollo Cloud from Promise Technology. The personal cloud is a place where you can access files that exist in your personal space, and the Mobile Wireless G3 gives you a lot of it.

Maybe it’s not as much as the Apollo Cloud (which gives 4 TB), but you provide the SD card or insert a USB drive. If you want to clear off some space on your wireless device, you can do that for as much as you can put on your memory devices. By the way, you can get some great memory devices on Kingston.

Now there is another use for this: charging a mobile device. You can charge a phone up to 2 times when this thing is fully charged. Yes, this is a mobile device, and you can connect your tablet or smartphone to the USB port.

Now, the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 is available at a holiday rate for $65.00. Then there is the MobileLite Wireless Pro, which comes with 64 GB already installed, which costs a little more at $130.00 (also a holiday rate). Check them out on the Kingston site here.

Goal Zero Flip 30

goal-zero-flip-30I have seen Goal Zero products at conventions for years now, and I finally had a chance to try one out for myself. In this case, it is the Flip 30, a recharger for phones and tablets, and just about anything else you have a USB cord for.

Yes, the Flip 30 is a mobile battery, and I have written about several, so you probably know the drill. I think it would be better to talk about what is different about this product.

This weighs about 6.8 ounces and feels like a heavier and bigger Zippo lighter. I like how the USB connector just flips out and can rotate, with some great clicking noises. If you stick the Flip 30 in a USB port to charge it, you will want to make certain that you support it for its weight. It takes about 5 hours to charge, and then you can charge anything.

Well, almost anything. I need to tell you that I tried charging my HTC 10 with the Flip 30, and it would start charging. Now, I tried it on two Samsung phones with the included micro-USB cord, and it worked just fine. I was expecting a button on the Flip 30 to tell the device to start charging, but I didn’t see that, just the usual four indicator lights.

You should be able to purchase the Flip 30 on the Goal Zero site for a holiday special price of $39.99. It is in Charcoal Gray or Goal Zero Green. Yeah, you heard that right.

MyCharge PowerGear Sound

mycharge-powergear-sound-1Once again, I find myself reviewing another fine myCharge product with the PowerGear Sound. It is very similar to the PowerGear Sport, as it is a mobile battery made to charge certain products.

In the case of the PowerGear Sound, it is not made for wearables, but wireless earbuds. Yes, there are a lot of wireless earbuds that are going to be hitting the market this year, and I have heard that some are out now. I am not talking about wireless earbuds that fit in the ears and wired together in the back. I am talking about two individual earbuds, which will soon be the standard, I believe.

The PowerGear Sound could be used to power just about anything, provided it is powered by a micro-USB cord. For example, if you have a Bluetooth headset or one of those wired pair of wireless earbuds (see previous paragraph), the PowerGear Sound should be good to power it. It is also a case to keep your device in while it is charging.

The battery on the myCharge PowerGear Sound is a 1,000 mAh one, which makes it good for charging a powered device made for the ear several times. Since it is a mobile battery, it has those four indicator lights and the button to begin the charging process.

It is a pretty great device, and it can be purchased on the myCharge site for $39.99.

MyCharge PowerGear Sport

mycharge-power-gear-sport-1It seems like I do a lot of MyCharge reviews, and they are very good at doing mobile battery products such as the Razor Platinum for the MacBook and the All-Terrain Portable Charger. What is interesting is how the company is making all kinds of products, and I had a chance to review the PowerGear Sport, a protective case made for wearables.

The PowerGear Sport is this thing that looks like a pouch or a holster. It opens up, and it has a place your wearable. I am told that it is good for products like the Apple Watch and the Fitbit. If you look at the picture, you might thing that it comes with some kind of inductive charger for fitness bands and smartwatches. It actually does not, but it has a USB port so it could essentially charge anything that is USB chargeable, really.

I guess this makes the PowerGear Sport a fancy battery, and that is a good thing. It has the four indicator lights as well as the button to start the charging process. It has a capacity of 2,000 mAh, which is supposedly good enough for charging a Fitbit 50 times. Seriously, that is quite a bit, so I don’t know how that compares to smartphones and other USB powered devices.

You should be able to purchase the PowerGear Sport on the myCharge site for about $29.99 in either pink or gray.

M-EDGE Part 1: 17-inch Bolt Backpack with Built-in Battery and 8000 mAh Power Bank

m-edge-1It has been quite a while since I have reviewed any M-EDGE products. Today, I am going to talk about two products that can be used to charge things.

The first is the 17-inch Bolt Backpack that has a built-in battery. This is a type of product that I have seen before. I’ll go ahead and start by talking about the battery. It is a 6000 mAh type that fits in the backpack (in a special pocket) and can then be taken out and charged separately. The battery gives up to 40 hours of battery life for a smartphone or 10 hours on the tablet.

What is really interesting is how you can recharge your device. There is a plug-in on the strap, which makes it really convenient. Most of these charging backpacks that I have encountered have their battery in the backpack, and you have to awkwardly connect your device to it. Here, it is very simple.

The Bolt backpack is made for 17-inch laptops. I’m not certain what material is made of, but it sure feels smooth. I am told that there is 1075 cu of storage space, and it has two big pockets right on the front, made for accessories. The actually backpack part of the backpack (the one that holds the laptop) is cushioned.

If the M-EDGE 17 Bolt Backpack sounds like something that you might use, it can be purchased at the M-EDGE store for about $99.99.

m-edge-3Okay, now here is a time to talk about another M-EDGE product that everyone probably has, a mobile battery. This is not a 6000 mAh battery like the Bolt, but this one has 8000 mAh.

This one is designed to charge anything with a micro USB or Lightning cable. It tucks away in battery, and it is sufficient for charging a phone for an additional 50 hours (that’s 16 hours on most tablets).

By the way, there is an automatic energy-saving feature that shuts off the battery after 15 seconds in standby mode. It also protects the device and battery from over-charging. There is also four indicator lights which are a standard for these mobile batteries.

You can get the M-EDGE 8000 mAh Power Bank for about $29.99 on the M-EDGE site in black, lime, or brown.

Hands on with the Thinium ReCHARGE+

thinium-1I think that the Thinium ReCHARGE+ is very close to another product that I just reviewed this week with the Prong. This particular charger is not made to be a charger and case, but is a decent enough mobile battery. This is the Thinium ReCHARGE+, and it is made for micro USB Android phones.

I’ve been noticing a particular trend in mobile batteries to have these prongs that fold out so you can plug it into the wall, and that certainly makes the Thinium ReCHARGE+ the charger for everybody.

The Thinium ReCHARGE+ is essentially a plastic rectangle that has some great stuff on it. It has this micro USB that can just pop out at the bottom, and then you can plug in the ReCHARGE+ to charge it up. By the way, there are some suction cups included to make certain that your Android phone stays in one place.

To recharge the ReCHARGE+, you just extend the USB connector and plug it into a USB port, because every device has one these days. By the way, the ReCHARGE+ has a USB port for charging other things.

I highly recommend the Thinium ReCHARGE+ if you have an Android phone, and it really comes in handy. It is available on the Thinium site for about $69.99.

MOXYO Products: Avenue Premium Earbuds, USB Portable Powerbank, and Mia Lightning Cables

moxyo-avenue-earbudsI’ve had a great chance to review some great products from MOXYO, and I’m going to talk about three this time, but I am hoping that I can review more, as this appears to be quite a company.

We’ll start with the Avenue earbuds. In case you are wondering why it is called the Avenue, it is apparently a reference to the Avenues of downtown Salt Lake City.

Yeah, I don’t know what’s up, but these have 8 mm drivers with high end brushed aluminum housing for higher clarity audio. There is a soft touch, tangle-free flat cable, and it has one of those microphones with a call/pickup button.

What is interesting is how inexpensive they are for just $29.99 at the MOXYO site.

moxyo-portable-powerThis next MOXYO product isn’t anything that I haven’t seen before, and I have said that we need more of these. After all, the problem with most smartphones and tablets is you need one of these mobile batteries, especially for activities like Pokemon GO and so forth.

The Portable Powerbank has a 2600 Amh in it, and it is made to give a smartphone for at least one full charge. It is designed to be cylindrical, so it can fit in your back pocket.

By the way, it comes with a 6-inch micro-USB charging cable, and it even comes with a full charge with it. I would imagine that might have been a little difficult to make this product with it.

If you want the Portable Powerbank, it can be purchased on the MOXYO site for $24.99.

moxyo-charge-and-sync-cableI suppose that this last item isn’t that remarkable, but MOXYO knows how to make a rechargeable cable interesting. It is a durable wire that has a six foot cable (or 3 foot, but the one I tried was double).

This is the Mia, which is a Charge and Sync Cable with a Lightning cable. In case what you are wondering why it is called the Mia, it apparently stands for Miami International Airport. Man, what is with these weird names for this?

You should be able to purchase it on the MOXYO site for about $24.99.

Our Review of the MyCharge Razor Platinum, Portable Charger for MacBook

mycharge-razor-platinumOh yes, I have reviewed many MyCharge products in my time, and the last one was the All-Terrain 3000mAh rechargeable portable charger. This time, it isn’t just your average mobile battery, but this one is capable of charging a laptop.

I am told that this is the first portable charger that can do a laptop, which is 8 times as powerful as a battery. The USB-C port delivers a 36 W output can charge a MacBook in about 100 minutes. On the reverse side, you can recharge the Razor Platinum via the MacBook 29 Watt adaptor in just two hours. By the way, it also charges any tablet, smartphone, or other device Razor Platinum standard USB-A port.

So, is there a power trade-off going on here? Just to let you know, the size of this thing is about the size of your hand. I figured that you can’t tell from the picture, and you also can’t tell that it is made from anodized aluminum.

If you want to get this, it is available on the MyCharge site for $99.99.

Secur Part 5: The Ultimate Solar Charger SP-6000

Secur SP-6000As I was reviewing the last Secur product, I was then sent some more Secur products to review. It appears that the company is listening to me when I said that I will review their products as much as I can. I’m going to tentatively say that the Ultimate Solar Charger is my last Secur product that I will be reviewing, for now.

Now, unlike the other four or five Secur products that I have reviewed in the past, the Ultimate Solar Charger isn’t trying to be too many devices at once. Not that there is anything wrong with that, because this is handy.

The Ultimate Solar Charger has a High Efficiency 12 Watt Solar Panel with a 10,000 mAh Lithium battery. Once it is charged up, there are dual USB ports so you can charge up two devices at the same time. By the way, it has enough power to charge an iPhone five times.

Secur 2It has a waterproof pouch that is good enough for holding a smartphone. So in case you are wanting to recharge at the beach, you don’t have to worry too much about moisture. by the way, there is this “Easel Bak” to adjust the position toward the sun.

It is a pretty good product that is charging my phone as I write this, and it is charging it fast. Like the last product, the Secur website doesn’t have a price on it just yet.

Our Review of Beaucoup BUQU Products

Buqu DuckIf you haven’t heard of BUQU’s products, then I feel bad for you son. Okay, I’m kidding, but they still make a lot of great products. Today, I’m going to talk about a lot of them, and they are handy products to have in any emergency.

I’ll start with the Bubs USB Power Bank ($29.99). As you can see here, it has a clip here so you can have a 3.350 mAH battery to you, which is good enough for a 100 percent charge on a cellular phone. That, and it has a 12 Volt USB port,

The thing is I have this thing, and on no place does it appear that this is waterproof or water-resistant. Now, if you were going to make a charger shaped like a rubber ducky, shouldn’t you make it so your bathtime is so much fun?

Buqu Astro-Family-ShotBut that is a nitpick from some pretty cool products. I had a chance to try out some cool USB car chargers that all have 12 W 2.4 Amp output. One of them is the Bolt ($19.99), shaped like a Lightning bolt. The other is the Bloom ($19.99) shaped like a rose. The last is my favorite, the Astro ($19.99), shaped like a retrofuturistic rocket.

There there is the Cordz, which are some flat braided cables made for Ligthning ($19.99) and Micro Cable ($11.99). I won’t go into much detail on them, but they are what you want in a charging cable, which is durability.

All of these products are available on the BUQU site for the varying prices given. They make for some pretty decent gifts for Mothers Day/Fathers Day/Graduation. You get the picture.