Our Review of the MyCharge HubPlus-C

MyCharge HubPlus CI am certainly no stranger to MyCharge products. In fact, I have reviewed three of them in the past two months. Now, I had a chance to review the HubPlus-C, and all I can say is: it’s about time.

You see, I happen to have a phone with a USB C port, the HTC 10. I honestly believe that this gives me the power to charge my phone very fast.

I’m not certain if I am getting ahead of myself, as I am describing something that I may or may not have properly introduced. Generally, I reviewed a lot of mobile batteries, and it is usually the standard shtick of charging them (generally via USB) just so you can charge a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device later.

The HubPlus-C is the first of its type that I have encountered with a built-in USB-C cord, and it also comes with a micro USB cable as well. There is also a USB port, in case you want to charge some other third thing. Also, this is a battery with prongs that flip out so you can charge the myCharge HubPlus-C with a typical wall outlet.

So yes, the MyCharge HubPlus-C is a very convenient product to have. About the only thing left is to give the stats. It is good for 6700 mAh and an output of 18 W Max. About the only thing that I don’t have is the price. So far, I don’t see the product on the site, but I’ll see about getting a price and updating this blog with the proper link.

Our Review of the Go Puck 6XR

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a Go Puck product , as the last time was the Go Puck 5X, and I have been waiting a while to review the GoPuck 6XR.

Yes, this is going to be another mobile battery review, so I’m going to talk about what makes the 6XR different. I could talk about how it has two USB ports, but so does the MyCharge RazorUltra.

No, the reason why you want the 6XR has to do with the speed. The 6XR comes with Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 technology, which means you are going to get four times faster charging.

So, what else does it have? How about a large capacity? It is a 9,000 mAh capacity, which means that it is good for about four charges on a smartphone and even more on a GoPro.

Then there is also the fact that the 6XR has a mount. It’s made for straps and belts, and it appears to be “born from racing” as it says on the box. This makes sense, as GoPuck products appear to be made for life on the go, so why not make them lightweight and give them the ability to keep them close?

In short, I’ll recommend the GoPuck 6XR among the highly saturated market of mobile batteries. You can get it on the GoPuck website for about $99.99.

myCharge Part 2: HubMax

MyCharge Hub Max 1So, now we that we are in the process of reviewing a whole bunch of myCharge products, I’m going to review the HubMax.

I don’t know if the HubMax is a sequel to the HubPlus, but that was a mobile battery that I took to CES and really was able to make full use of it. The HubMax is almost double the power at 10500 mAh (that’s up to 6x extra battery), and it has both the micro-USB and Lightning cables so you can charge two devices at once.

This way, you don’t have to carry your charging cables around with you when you go places with both your iPhone and your Samsung…okay, maybe you have some other kind of micro-USB device that you need to charge. Oh, there is also an extra USB port, so I suppose that you could charge 3 devices at once. By the way, it recharges up to 50 percent faster than competitors.

This is one of those great mobile batteries that plugs into the wall to charge, with a 3.4 A output. If you want to check this out for yourself, it can be purchased on the myCharge site for $99.99.

myCharge Part 1: AmpProng+

MyCharge Amp Prong 1Yes, it is time to do another review of three products in a row, and this time it is from myCharge, a product that I have reviewed in the past. I’m going to start with the with the AmpProng+.

The AmpProng+ is one of those mobile batteries, and I have reviewed so many of these that I am not even going describe what they do. However, I’ll go ahead and describe what special features this has.

AmpProng+ is a 6700 mAh portable charger, which means it is good for up to a 4X charge on a typical smartphone. You can charge it by plugging it into the wall, and then you have two 2.4A output on double USB ports.

Yes, you can charge two devices with this thing if you like, and why shouldn’t you? You probably have at least two mobile devices that could use a little juice as you are on the road. It can power tablets and smartphones up to 65 percent faster, which is very, very nice.

I will have to say that the AmpProng+ is very light, and it is good for holding power for about a year. It is recommended, and you can get it on the myCharge site for about $49.99.

Our Review of the PhoneSuit Journey Travel Charger Ultra

Phonesuit JourneyI suppose this is the time where I say that it has been a while since I have reviewed a Phonesuit product, and I’m realizing that I say a lot of the same things in my reviews. Needless to say, this is an upgrade of my first review of the Journey All-in-One Charger with the Journey Travel Charger Ultra for the iPhone, Samsung, and More! (Sorry, but that and more really makes it sound exciting.)

So what is it? Well, it is a mobile battery, which we have seen before, so nothing new there. However, see how it spreads its arms like that? It’s quite amazing, and one of those arms is a Lightning for Apple products, and the other is Micro-USB for pretty much everything else.

Yeah, I have been noticing that some mobile batteries have these two charging cables, but if you are like me, and you have something like an HTC 10, with a USB C port, you are out of luck, at least with the two cables attached. By the way, there is a blurb on the Phonesuit website that says it can do a HTC, with the micro-USB. Yeah, it is wrong.

As it so happens, you got yourself an extra USB port. You heard that right, you can charge three devices at once with this. Three seems to be the magic number for this guy because it can provide up to 3 times (300 percent) additional power for a smartphone. So pretty much anything that is chargeable via USB (which is about everything) is chargeable, but maybe not three times.

The battery is good for 5000 Mah, so that is pretty good. There is also an advanced smart power management thing going on, so it knows how to prioritize charging. Yeah, I’m going to have to take their word for it.

So is it durable? It sure feels that way. It is designed for travel, which means it will take the bumps along the way. I’m not going to hurl it against the wall, because hey, I’m not that angry.

Anyway, you can get the Journey Travel Charger Ultra on the Phonesuit site for about $59.99.

Silver Belkin, Part 1: The Valet Charger

belkin-1Okay, I must be getting pretty desperate with my Christmas puns, as I had to resort to “Silver Belkins” with this one. Yes, this is another review of a Belkin product, and I am going to start with the Valet Charger.

The Valet Charger is a Power Pack 6700 mAh for an Apple Watch and an iPhone. You can see in the picture here how it is your typical mobile battery, and you can insert your USB cord there and get some juice for your phone. The Valet Charger comes with a micro USB cord to, for charging the battery.

I believe what makes this really interesting is that it has a place where you can just put your Apple Watch. Yes, you can just lay it there, and you can charge your Apple Watch and your iPhone at the same time. The Valet Charger has some smart chips that can automatically detect the connected devices to charge instantly, and it is safe charging as well.

Apparently, it has the power to recharge an Apple Watch eight times, and an iPhone three times. So, if this is something that you want, go to the Belkin site and lay down $99.99 for it.

We Three Kingston Part 1: MobileLite Wireless G3

kingston-mobilelite-wireless-g3Okay, we will be writing about three products from Kingston, and two of them are headphone related. The other one is the MobileLite Wireless G3, which is a product that is somewhat difficult to describe.

The MobileLite Wireless G3 is made to be two things. I will start with a personal cloud. I talked about this with Apollo Cloud from Promise Technology. The personal cloud is a place where you can access files that exist in your personal space, and the Mobile Wireless G3 gives you a lot of it.

Maybe it’s not as much as the Apollo Cloud (which gives 4 TB), but you provide the SD card or insert a USB drive. If you want to clear off some space on your wireless device, you can do that for as much as you can put on your memory devices. By the way, you can get some great memory devices on Kingston.

Now there is another use for this: charging a mobile device. You can charge a phone up to 2 times when this thing is fully charged. Yes, this is a mobile device, and you can connect your tablet or smartphone to the USB port.

Now, the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 is available at a holiday rate for $65.00. Then there is the MobileLite Wireless Pro, which comes with 64 GB already installed, which costs a little more at $130.00 (also a holiday rate). Check them out on the Kingston site here.

Goal Zero Flip 30

goal-zero-flip-30I have seen Goal Zero products at conventions for years now, and I finally had a chance to try one out for myself. In this case, it is the Flip 30, a recharger for phones and tablets, and just about anything else you have a USB cord for.

Yes, the Flip 30 is a mobile battery, and I have written about several, so you probably know the drill. I think it would be better to talk about what is different about this product.

This weighs about 6.8 ounces and feels like a heavier and bigger Zippo lighter. I like how the USB connector just flips out and can rotate, with some great clicking noises. If you stick the Flip 30 in a USB port to charge it, you will want to make certain that you support it for its weight. It takes about 5 hours to charge, and then you can charge anything.

Well, almost anything. I need to tell you that I tried charging my HTC 10 with the Flip 30, and it would start charging. Now, I tried it on two Samsung phones with the included micro-USB cord, and it worked just fine. I was expecting a button on the Flip 30 to tell the device to start charging, but I didn’t see that, just the usual four indicator lights.

You should be able to purchase the Flip 30 on the Goal Zero site for a holiday special price of $39.99. It is in Charcoal Gray or Goal Zero Green. Yeah, you heard that right.

MyCharge PowerGear Sound

mycharge-powergear-sound-1Once again, I find myself reviewing another fine myCharge product with the PowerGear Sound. It is very similar to the PowerGear Sport, as it is a mobile battery made to charge certain products.

In the case of the PowerGear Sound, it is not made for wearables, but wireless earbuds. Yes, there are a lot of wireless earbuds that are going to be hitting the market this year, and I have heard that some are out now. I am not talking about wireless earbuds that fit in the ears and wired together in the back. I am talking about two individual earbuds, which will soon be the standard, I believe.

The PowerGear Sound could be used to power just about anything, provided it is powered by a micro-USB cord. For example, if you have a Bluetooth headset or one of those wired pair of wireless earbuds (see previous paragraph), the PowerGear Sound should be good to power it. It is also a case to keep your device in while it is charging.

The battery on the myCharge PowerGear Sound is a 1,000 mAh one, which makes it good for charging a powered device made for the ear several times. Since it is a mobile battery, it has those four indicator lights and the button to begin the charging process.

It is a pretty great device, and it can be purchased on the myCharge site for $39.99.

MyCharge PowerGear Sport

mycharge-power-gear-sport-1It seems like I do a lot of MyCharge reviews, and they are very good at doing mobile battery products such as the Razor Platinum for the MacBook and the All-Terrain Portable Charger. What is interesting is how the company is making all kinds of products, and I had a chance to review the PowerGear Sport, a protective case made for wearables.

The PowerGear Sport is this thing that looks like a pouch or a holster. It opens up, and it has a place your wearable. I am told that it is good for products like the Apple Watch and the Fitbit. If you look at the picture, you might thing that it comes with some kind of inductive charger for fitness bands and smartwatches. It actually does not, but it has a USB port so it could essentially charge anything that is USB chargeable, really.

I guess this makes the PowerGear Sport a fancy battery, and that is a good thing. It has the four indicator lights as well as the button to start the charging process. It has a capacity of 2,000 mAh, which is supposedly good enough for charging a Fitbit 50 times. Seriously, that is quite a bit, so I don’t know how that compares to smartphones and other USB powered devices.

You should be able to purchase the PowerGear Sport on the myCharge site for about $29.99 in either pink or gray.