Whoosh3D WhooshVR Cardboard

whoosh-3d-vr-viewerI really did a review of the Whoosh3D screen protector and maker of 3D on smartphones and tablets. Today, I am going to do a report on a VR viewer from Whoosh 3D.

Just to let you know, most of the time when I write about a product, even one that I am reviewing, I usually take what I see from the main site and put it in my own words. This time, I didn’t really have anything from the Whoosh main site, which is odd, to say the least.

I had a chance to try this out, and it is a VR viewer that has double clickers. In all honesty, I am not certain why anyone would need duel clickers, because of the VR programs that I tried, I couldn’t find one that practically used both of these.

Still, everyone needs to have one of these VR viewers, don’t they? You might as well have one with two clickers, because this could easily be a standard.

I was able to find it on Argomall, and the price is ₱999.00, and I have no idea what that translates.

“Ghost in the Shell” VR Film

ghost-in-the-shell-virtual-reality-diver-edI feel odd explaining what Ghost in the Shell is, but if you have never heard of anime (and there are a lot of people that haven’t) then you have never heard of Ghost in the Shell.

Ghost in the Shell is…a film that has a lot of…female frontal nudity and violence. It’s one of those dystopian style science fiction movies, and it means…something. I think it does. It’s kind of like Blade Runner or the Matrix, as it feels like just a science fiction film, but there is some deep, deep philosophy in it.

Yeah, I remember watching it, but I don’t remember getting anything out of it. Perhaps I should watch it again. I bring it up because if you are trying to bring VR into storytelling, I suppose the dystopian setting works for some 360 sights, maybe.

So, if you have one of those VR Viewers, wouldn’t it be great to view Ghost in the shell: Virtual Reality Driver on your phone? Nope! My Source says it will only be shown in 31 Internet cafes across the Kanto region in Tokyo.

Granted, the film is only 15 minutes long, but come on! If VR films are going to catch on, users are going to need access to serious VR content.


Virtual Reality Comes to Roller Coasters

VR Roller CoasterIt looks like Virtual Reality is going to sweep the nation with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and some more Google Cardboard stuff. It could really take our society by storm, and most say it will affect a lot of entertainment.

It would appear that it affects amusement parks, and not just games. There are two places that have them, but I’m sure they are not the only or the last ones.

The first is at Magic Mountain, with New Revolution, which is a traditional roller coaster, but the riders wear a Samsung Gear VR headset. The advantage is that the VR gives an interesting CG kind of world which you really feel. This will be in Six Flags parks across the nation, starting April 21.

The second is Alton Towers’ Galactica, and I am assuming that it might have something to do with Battlestar, maybe. It is a flight from a space station through an asteroid belt to the canyons of an alien world.

Now, with the second example, it reminds me of a ride that I went on that used computer animation and hydraulics to create a cool effect. Having the graphics on your head makes it a better version of Star Tours.

With the first example, I can’t help but wonder if this is taking away the roller coaster experience. After all, I like the idea of visiting some virtual world, but with a roller coaster, I want to be outdoors. Yes, this is another example of how technology keeps us indoors.

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Yezz Sfera is a VR smartphone/camera

yezz-sfera-smartphoneWell, it is great to see that VR is happening, and now that PlayStation has it and there are others coming out, there might as well be a way to get some video footage for it. I mean, you could get one of those cameras like the V.360, or you can just get a Yezz Sfera smartphone.

This Sfera has two spherical cameras to record 360-degree videos. If you want to share them, then you will need to get yourself one of those VR viewers like the Powis ViewR and Google Cardboard. It has 5 Megapixel cameras with a fish eye lens on both sides of the phone. By the way, the phone runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow, has a 5.5 inch screen, 3 GB of RAM, and 3,000 mAh battery.

Then there is this Finger-Pick allows the user to finger-navigate in any direction of the scene that it can record. Then there is a full-frame to show the entire 360-degree landscape on one window. Then there is a button to upload to YouTube.

I actually had a chance to try this out at CES 2016. Yes, that was three months ago, and the reason why I’ve got around to talking about it now is because…yeah, I’ve been a little behind when it comes to posting about stuff.

The Sfera is available for pre-order at $299.99 and should ship on April 30th.


New PlayStation VR Information Revealed

PlayStation VRSo, right now, the Game Developers Conference is going on, and Sony decided to use the event to announce what PlayStation fans want to hear: the release date and price of the PlayStation VR.

So, let’s get with the price, as it is $399. This will include an HDMI cable, a USB cable, a pair of stereo heapdhones, an add-on processor box, AC power cord, AC power brick, and the VR headset itself. What is not included, and everyone is talking about, is a $60 PlayStation Camera that is required.

The PlayStation VR will be out by October, and there will be 50 games available for it that day. This includes Rigs: Mechanized Combat League, Assassin’s Creed tie-in Eagle Fight, EVE: Valkyrie, Rez Infinite, and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

In addition to all these games, Sony says that there will be a mode dedicated to movies and videos. It will allow video content to be seen on what will be a 225-inch virtual screen. It is also good for viewing 360 degree photos and video.

So it looks like in addition to Oculus and HTC Vive, the PlayStation VR could be some kind of first foray into VR.


Coachella Music Festival Features a VR Headset

coachella-640x275For those that aren’t aware of an event known as Coachella, it is an annual music festival that brings together performances by some big names as well as some relatively new artists. It runs from April 15-17 and 22-24, and the welcome box has a VR headset.

Clearly, this is something new, and it has an application to go with it for pictures and interviews from last year’s festival in virtual reality. Not only that, this application will be updated continually with new content until the actual performance.

So, it looks like it is possible to live stream Coachella performances, which means that audiences will not just be in the crowd. I can’t help but wonder if this will be applied at other concert events, but I’m kind of out of that loop and don’t know any off the top of my head.


Powis ViewR 2.0, Lampr VR, and the future of Virtual Reality

Powis ViewrI saw this product at CES 2016, and it took a while for them to get me a review unit, but now that I have it, I and everyone else is going to see more of these in the near and possibly far future.

If you haven’t figured out what this is yet, it is a virtual reality holder for your smartphone. Perhaps you have heard of Google Cardboard, as it is essentially a cheap way to view some virtual reality action on an ordinary smartphone.

This particular ViewR 2.0 from Powis is definitely not cardboard, and you can customize it with this very awesome logo. I’ve been thinking about re-branding, but I don’t know, I’m liking the light blue and the font.

But let’s talk about the product itself. How this works is that you put your smartphone on the viewer and then use the velcro strap to keep it in place. This might take a little bit of work to make certain that it fits right, and then you can run some VR programs. By the way, you might have an issue with the button, as it is made to touch the screen when needed, so yes, it might need adjustment again.

PowisSo what do VR programs look like? Well, they split the screen in two, then they you look through the viewer you see 3D like an old-school View Master. I used it to play Lampr VR. If you aren’t familiar with that game, just download it on iOS or Android. It is a game where you are moving through a maze of plants playing a bug that is collecting some shiny stuff, and you have to move around your head to navigate. It made my wife dizzy, and this is an image of me playing it.

Oh, and get yourself a ViewR from Powis and play it. A simple viewer can be purchased for $29.99, and one with alligator skin can be bought for $39.99. That, or you could purchase an Oculus for $599 this March or the HTC Vive for $799. I think you can see where this is going, as there will be a demand for cheap VR in the future.

Samsung and Skybound Entertainment Presents VR movie Gone

Last January, when I attended CES, Samsung was bragging that it was going to bring Milk VR to their Smart TVs, and I had heard that the people who make the The Walking Dead series would be preparing it. It looks like some of this is happening, as there will be Gone.

Gone is an interactive story which is about a daughter who disappears in the daylight. There is a lot of viewing the mystery through different characters, and solve the mystery.

These episodes are broken down into five to six minute chunks that are shot in 360 degrees, which means you will have to be turning your head to find all the clues. There will be a lot of rewatching to solve this story, I’m sure.

I have to admit that I am very interested in watching VR works, because I am not certain how it will go. It really is a new type of medium that is not quite movie and not quite video game. Someone is going to perfect it, and perhaps Gone will be a good start.


Samsung Gear VR available on T-Mobile November 27th

As I have stated before, I love virtual reality, and the Gear VR is the only one that I haven’t really tested yet. Actually, it is powered by Oculus, and I tried out the Oculus Rift, and the Gear VR is powered by Oculus.

I was actually surprised that the Gear VR is out pretty much practically now, as most of the other virtual reality headsets won’t be out until 2016. At least, I think, because…yeah, it’s really hard to keep track of when products come out, okay?

It looks like T-Mobile will have it available for the Gear VR headset for the $99.99. The Gear VR is compatible with the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge + and the Galaxy Note 5.


Land’s End is a significantly cool VR game

Lands EndSome of you might remember a little game known as Monument Valley, and considering that it has been downloaded over 2.5 million times, it’s hardly little. The makers of the game, Ustwo, is working on a game for virtual reality known as Land’s End.

Land’s End was definitely inspired by the CD-Rom game Myst, and I’m not going to explain that reference. I’ve always loved that game and its imaginary interactive environment, and VR certainly appears to be the tool that you want to view it in.

Land’s End has that same blocky graphics style and mysterious music of Monument Valley, but instead of using a controller, players will be using their eyes. I’m not certain how that will work, but the video that you see below says that it is only for Samsung Gear VR. I guess HTC Vive and Sony PlayStation VR users are out of luck.

Land’s End is planned to be available for the Samsung Gear VR on October 30th, but there is not a price point for it as yet.