Our Review of the SmartDesk 2 from Autonomous AI

Smartdesk 1I’m very pleased that I had a chance to try out the SmartDesk 2 from Autonomous AI, and this is going to be one of those reviews where I am going to talk about the delivery, assembly, and usage.

I’ll start by just saying what it does: the SmartDesk 2 is one of those desks that is a standing desk and a sitting desk. At the touch of a button, the user can have a standing experience or sitting experience, and should probably be the new standard of desks.

I was pleased that it was sent to me, and it came in two forms on two separate days. The first was the big flat top of it, and the other part contained the legs and the motor that could raise or lower that top.

Smartdesk 2I will have to say that assembly was pretty simple, even though it took about two-and-a-half hours. I had no problem assembling the legs as it was simple inserting thick bolts with the included square bolt alum wrench.

The biggest issue is when you have to insert the legs into the top section. Now, there are holes marked where you can insert the legs and screw them into the wood, but the issue is that assembly allows to adjust the width of the legs.

I am not certain why in the world these legs need to be adjustable at the width for construction. In the end, I just chose a width that lined up with the holes. The issue is that adjusting the width of the legs was step 2, but that didn’t really come into play until step 12, where I had to adjust the width of the legs again to make it fit.

The same applied to the driveshaft. This particular part joined the motor on one leg with another mechanism on the other leg so the desk can be raised or lowered. Honestly, the driveshaft should probably be put on last, because I had to take it out in order to screw on the top in the center of it.

Smartdesk 3Yes, I realize that this is rather difficult to follow, but trust me, I would actually recommend following some of the steps out of order to assemble this desk in the most simple manner as possible. However, if you are not technically capable, like me, I was able to get it working as soon as I plugged it in.

The controls of the desk screw on in the front, and I was able to raise it up to carry a lot of weight on the top. It can hold 220 lbs for the Home Edition and up to 300 for the Business Edition.

So the real question is whether or not you want a standing desk. There was a recent Family Guy sketch that I felt addressed the issue of how standing desk people relate to “chair-people”. I put it here so you can read it for yourself after the jump.

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We Three Kingston Part 1: MobileLite Wireless G3

kingston-mobilelite-wireless-g3Okay, we will be writing about three products from Kingston, and two of them are headphone related. The other one is the MobileLite Wireless G3, which is a product that is somewhat difficult to describe.

The MobileLite Wireless G3 is made to be two things. I will start with a personal cloud. I talked about this with Apollo Cloud from Promise Technology. The personal cloud is a place where you can access files that exist in your personal space, and the Mobile Wireless G3 gives you a lot of it.

Maybe it’s not as much as the Apollo Cloud (which gives 4 TB), but you provide the SD card or insert a USB drive. If you want to clear off some space on your wireless device, you can do that for as much as you can put on your memory devices. By the way, you can get some great memory devices on Kingston.

Now there is another use for this: charging a mobile device. You can charge a phone up to 2 times when this thing is fully charged. Yes, this is a mobile device, and you can connect your tablet or smartphone to the USB port.

Now, the Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3 is available at a holiday rate for $65.00. Then there is the MobileLite Wireless Pro, which comes with 64 GB already installed, which costs a little more at $130.00 (also a holiday rate). Check them out on the Kingston site here.

Monster Christmas, Part 3: Power and Charging Station

monster-3Monster might be known for their cables, but they put out quite a bit of great products for audio, as well as some power strips. This Monster Power and Charging Station is one of the more high quality ones that you can buy.

This Monster Power and Charging Station is part of the company’s new Living Spaces collection, which means it is made for the “demands of today’s charging lifestyle”. So what does a charging family need? How about 4 power outlets and 4 USB ports (4.8 A).

The Power Outlets have Monster Fireproof MOV technology, as well as power filtration shields that protect from EMI/RFI. Anyone know what that is? Oh, it has a 6 foot power cord.

You can’t really see this in the picture, but from the side, the shape is like that of a house. You can use the “roof” as a stand for a phone or tablet, so that is handy if you keep this power strip on your desk, like many do. Another interesting feature is the back light, made for an accent or night light.

The Monster Power and Charging Station is quite an office-themed gift. It can be purchased on the Monster site for $79.95 (MSRP of $89.95).

Kensington Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest

kesington-keyboard-comforterI don’t really get a chance to review many wrist rests, but I figured that if I was going to review one, it would be from Kensington with the Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest. Some of you might recall my review of the Kensington SmartFit Conform Back Rest, and they make a lot of great office as well as ergonomic products.

One thing that I got to love about the Duo Gel Keyboard is how it feels. You press your fingers into it, and it feels like you are putting your hands on Jello, but without the squishy sticky feeling. This will definitely help you if you are having problems with your wrist with carpel tunnel or whatever.

By the way, the soft finish is easy to clean when it gets dirty. That is very handy for this “gel pillow”, and I don’t know how else to describe it.

What is interesting is how the shape has this “ventilation channel” which can “keep your hands cool and dry”. Personally, I like the look of this channel, as it makes it look like a yin/yang symbol.

If this sounds like something you want to put your hands on, head on over to the Kensington site and pay $17.99. It is available in Blue/Black or Red/Black.

Kensington SmartFit Conform Back Rest

kensington-smartfit-conform-back-restIt has been a few months since I tried out a Kensington product, and the last time was SD 1500 USB Type-C Mobile Dock, which means that this company makes very diverse accessories and…things. I was very interested in trying out the SmartFit Conform Back Rest for some sitting comfort.

As you can see, it looks like a set of robot lungs. Seriously, I don’t know how else to describe their shape. Those two lungs are actually ventilated supports for you back, and there are four independent springs that hook it together.

To set it on your chair, just use the strap and drape it on the back. Then you get to sit on it, and I will admit, it makes my back feel different. Honestly, I am wondering how I could have lived without it.

Now, there is this very odd color-coded chart with orange, red, purple, and green. I am not certain what the colors mean, but you have to unscrew the supports and move them up. It produces the effect that you would think. I think the colors are so you can remember them later.

It is quite an interesting item, and is ideal for a good Christmas gift. Particularly an office Christmas gift, and it’s no joke present. It can be purchased for $59.99 on the Kensington site.

The OGIO Ascent and Apollo Backpacks

Ascent ApolloSince we are getting into the holiday season since we started the month of October, it is time to think about gift ideas. I’m thinking anything by OGIO for a young or old active professional is good, and the Active and Ascent Packs would be a great big gift under the tree.

I’ll go ahead and start with the Apollo. It is a laptop backpack with a “streamlined” design for 15-inch laptops and a pocket made for tablets. Yes, it is made for the tech age and it has two stretch accessory pockets in the roomy main compartment for all the extras like chargers or even non-tech items like notebooks and textbooks. By the way, there is a side bottle pocket as well as an EVA molded top Tech pocket made for even more fragile stuff.

As for the Ascent, this thing looks like it could be used hiking through the mountains or some day-to-day activities. Like the Apollo, it also has a padded laptop compartment made for a 15-inch laptop with a a front organizer for the tablet. Also included is a hard-shelled Tech Vault on top, and the side water pocket.

It seems like these backpacks are a lot alike. However, if you want more information and have found your gift for yourself or someone else, find them on the OGIO site here for the Apollo Pack ($99.99) and there for the Ascent Pack ($119.99).

Gosh, Part 2: The Cordbox Cable and Power Strip Organizer

Gosh CordboxOkay, this is the second part of my Gosh product reviews, and I will repeat that this is the company’s name. I actually believe it is Gosh! with that exclamation point, so I guess that means that this punctuation is just a part of the name.

This is the Cordbox, and the purpose is to hide all of those nasty cords that are cluttering your desk or on your desk. It is essentially fold-able rectangular box with two things on the side. Yeah, I don’t know how to describe them other than “things”, but look at the picture, what else would you call those…things.

So this is an aluminum and leather box, so it looks pretty classy. If this is something that you want for your home or work office, feel free to lay down the money for it. I think I saw it for about $34.95, but I’m not really certain. It is currently out of stock on Amazon, but you should be able to find out more information here on the Gosh site.

How Microsoft will take over the world on July 29th with Windows 10

Windows 10Okay, I am told that Microsoft will make Windows 10 is available on July 29th, but here’s the thing: they could use it to take over the world!

How do I know this? Simple. I’ve seen the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, and the villain, Valentine, had a plan that is similar to what Microsoft is doing now. In the film, Valentine gives everyone an SD card that allows for free Internet and Wi-Fi Forever. He’s played by Samuel L. Jackson, acting like he’s on one of those Capitol One ads that he does.

Anyway, after those free SD cards are equally distributed, it sends out a signal that taps into the rage part of people. From there, the world kills itself. Is it possible that Microsoft is planning on using their product to kill the world’s population?

No, that would be stupid and unrealistic, because they would have no users. Still, the idea of putting some operating system on all of these Windows operating systems like laptops, desktops, and some phones is a sign that you really want to get yourself out there, for free!

And I suppose that only Microsoft can do this, and the issue is whether or not the company can afford to do this. I get the feeling that there might be some kind of hidden fee somewhere.

My Review of the J5Create JUD480 USB 3.0 Boomerang Station

JUD480It has been over a year since I reviewed a J5Create product, and one of the products that I reviewed was the JUD500 Ultra Station. This time, I had the chance to review the JUD480 USB 3.0 Boomerang Station.

I’m sure that you can see why it is called the Boomerang Station just by its shape. I would imagine that if you threw it right, it would probably come back to you. Its shape is terrific for holding up your laptop at a certain angle, as you can see.

It is made for connecting a 2nd monitor with a VGA port, and you probably can’t see the other ports like four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, microphone, speaker, and Gigabit Ethernet. There is also a power adapter and a 3.0 Host port to connect it to your computer.

As I had a chance to try it out, I think something like this is a must if you are trying to make your ordinary laptop a super power center. After all, if you want another screen, then you are going to want some kind of hook-ups for everything, and laptops always seem to run out of USB ports.

If you want it, you can find out more information about it on the J5Create site. You won’t be able to buy it there, but you should be able to get it for about $140.00, because that is about the highest price I found it for.

Fellowes presents the AutoMax 120C and 200C

130C_Paper_041014I have reviewed some Fellowes products before, like when I reviewed the 73Ci. The company has put out the AutoMax line which includes the 200C and 130C.

These are shredders that feature some good things like SilentShred, which offers “ultra-quiet performance for shared workspaces”. It also has Auto Reverse in case it gets jammed, as well as pull-out bins for easy disposal of shredded materials. The AutoMax 200C can shred up to 200 sheets of paper at a time, while the AutoMax 130C can do up to 130 sheets of paper. See, the number of sheets it can shred matches the product number.

If you want to get in on one of these Fellowes AutoMax shredders, the 200C is about $549.99 and the 130C for about $329.99.