Pelican Marine for the iPhone 7

pelican-marine-waterproof-iphone-7-caseI have to admit that I believe now that Pelican is just as good as creating protector cases that might be even better than Otterbox. Pelican has proven itself over and over again with their recent iPhone 7 offerings with Voyager and the Protector. Now, they have the appropriately named Marine.

The Marine has the Pelican stamp of approval that has kept the business in the protection racket since 1976. This one really keeps the iPhone 7 safe from the four destructive elements of water, snow, dirt, and dust.

It has a five layer shell with serious impact absorbing materials, not to mention a scratch resistant coated screen protector. Yeah, that is a lot of terrific protection at IP68, and you can look that up if you want to know what it is capable of.

After trying this one out, I am very amazed at how thin it is, not adding to the initial volume of the iPhone 7 by much.

You should be able to purchase the Pelican Marine Case on the Pelican website for about $74.99 (marked down from $80.00) in colors of clear, clear with black, and clear with teal.

Pelican Protector Case for the iPhone 7

pelican-protectorWell, we had a chance to review yet another Pelican product, which is in addition to the Voyager case that we reviewed the other day. I’ve already talked about how Pelican makes some very interesting products that are very durable, and trusted since 1976.

So, it has all the drop resistance, shock protection, as well as the non-slip grip. What is interesting is how this particular case feels a bit smoother than the Voyager, but it doesn’t come with the screen protector. Oh, by the way, it has the same guarantee for life that is associated with Pelican products.

Apparently , there is an absorbing TPR rubber lining that can protect the device. Just squeezing it without the iPhone 7 feels like I have a stress ball in my hand.

It is a pretty great case, and it comes in Black/Gray, Pink/Gray, or Aqua/Gray. I found it on Amazon for about $39.99, and it is also available at Best Buy and the AT&T store.

Pelican Voyager Cell Phone Case for the iPhone 7

pelican-voyager-iphone-7Considering that it is essentially iPhone 7 season, that means that I am going to be reviewing a lot of the accessories associated with it. There is one company that I am familiar with when it comes to hard cases, and that is Pelican, and here is the last product that I reviewed for the iPhone 6.

To say that Pelican cases are a bit of a hard case is underselling it, as it is up there with Otterbox. This Voyager for the iPhone 7 has a slime design and a soft touch over-mold. That means that it won’t slide out of your hand so easily, and I’m not certain if that is an issue with a naked iPhone 7.

It also has a rigid polycarbonate shell, and it has a decent screen protector. If you are thinking that it is good for protection, you would be right, and I’m told that it is good for military specifications. In fact, it has a lifetime guarantee. In addition to this, it also has an easy to use holster as well as a swiveling belt clip.

All and all, it is a great product, and you can find it on Amazon for a price of $49.99, as well as places like Best Buy and AT&T. You can find out more information about it and its colors here.

Review of the Pelican Voyager for iPhone 6 and Protector for the iPhone 6 Plus

Voyager iphone 6I have written about Pelican products before, most recently in March when I covered some Pelican products for the iPad products. The company has a lot of experience (over 35 years worth) of protecting equipment, and I recently had a chance to try out the Voyager for the iPhone 6 and the Protector for the iPhone 6 Plus.

The Voyager is nothing like Star Trek: Voyager, because you might actually want to buy this. Yeah, I went there. Anyway, the Voyager has several layers of protection that will really keep your iPhone 6 safe.

Not only does it have a snap-on case for the edges, but a screen protector. Not only that, it has a belt clip and even though the website says it is a kickstand, I couldn’t figure out how to get it to work.

Pelican VoyagerNow, let’s talk about the Protector for the iPhone 6 Plus. This particular product is a snap-on case that is designed to protect the back of the Apple phone. It may not protect the front with a screen protector or come with a belt clip, but it does have three levels of protection. Part of it is the impact absorbing TPR rubber and it is tested to military specifications in order to survive multiple drops.

Now, since these are Pelican products, that means they are guaranteed for life. I’ve heard that if you can break them, they will replace them. Not quite sure if I want to be in a situation where it will be broken.

I am told that these particular Pelican products are sold from AT&T. The store from the site is located here. The Voyager Case for the iPhone 6 is about $50.00 and the Protector case for the iPhone 6 Plus is about $40.00.

Hands on with the i1065 HardBack and CE2180 Vault Series Tablet Case from Pelican

Pelican i1065 HardBackIf are not familiar with Pelican, they make all kinds of products from cases to flashlights, made to survive very harsh conditions. I had a chance to try out two of their products, the i1065 HardBack Case and CE2180 Vault Series Tablet Case.

The i1065 HardBack Case is built to protect the iPad 2, 3, and 4, and it seals Apple’s favorite tablet within a watertight gasket. I will say that this latch is easy enough to open, yet strong enough to keep it shut. What I don’t really understand is that there is an automatic purge valve, which “keeps water and dust out while balancing air pressure”. I have no idea how that technology works.

In addition to the i1065 providing more than ample protection for the iPad, there is an “integrated easel” which allows the user to use the i1065 as a folio type of case, perfect for watching videos. Now if there was only a Bluetooth keyboard. You can find out more on the Pelican site here, and this site here has a price of about $79.95.

Pelican CE2180As for the CE2180 Vault Series Tablet Case, this is made for the iPad Air and provides non-airtight protection. Yeah, it might not be as much as the i1065, but it does provide protection against dust, and some water (not full immersion). The CE2180 also meets military specifications from shock and drop.

In short, the CE2180 is made for day to day protection, and it also has another feature with balanced sound porting providing crisp audio. It does have an option for multiple viewing angle, but it is really just leaning the cover at a certain angle. It isn’t like a folio case. You can find out more on the Pelican website here, and find it on Amazon for about $87.56.

The Aeroscraft has taken off

AerosWhat you are seeing here is the Aeroscraft, and it is essentially a huge airship that is not a blimp. Seriously? That’s not a blimp? Nope. Blimps need all that helium to maintain their shape, but the Aeroscraft has a rigid structure.

Have you seen how blimps need propellers to have some propulsion? Well, the Aeroscraft doesn’t need that, as it has some helium power. This Pelican, as the ship is called, cost $35 million to make, with some funding from NASA. Believe it or not, this actually isn’t the craft Aeros wants to make, but the one they want to make will be 400 feet long. This one is about 266 feet long and 97 feet wide.

Why have one of these rigid airships? To move cargo, of course, and this could possibly move 66 tons or more. You don’t really want to move loads that heavy with planes, do you? Just think of all the runway space that is wasted, but the Aeroscraft could remove the need for a runway.

I say why not? Perhaps this could replace big rigs on the road. Okay, that might be a little too much to hope for.