The GeekChurch Reviews AC2600 EXO MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router by D-Link

A stronger, more powerful Wi-Fi router made its way to the house of geeks, and we will let you know what we think of the EXO Mu-Mimo Wi-Fi Router by D-Link.

Photo credit- D-Link

What is the EXO Mu-Mimo?

This alien spacecraft-looking router boast of really fast wireless and wired internet speeds. With speeds up to 2,533 Mbps (800 Mbps on 2.4GHz + 1,733 Mbps on 5GHz), it’s faster than the last router we reviewed, which delivered 867 Mbps on 5GHz. Of course, that means it’s going to be more spendy, but worth the price for being able to connect more wi-fi devices.

The four antennae that make the router look like it will take off, help to strengthen the signal through your house. We have five people who could be on their wireless devices all at the same time, so this router works great for us. The advanced AC Smartbeam tracks connected devices for enhanced Wi-Fi speed and range.

EXO MuMimo is compatible with DLNA devices, so you can play and share media on TVs, gaming consoles, smartphones and more. You also get a USB 3.0 port to get speeds 10x as fast as a 2.0.

The router was very easy to set-up. TechnoMark spent about 10 minutes setting a password, but all the devices in our house were easily connected. You can also put parental controls on your router.

The Amazon price for this router is $139.99, which is actually a good price for the high speeds and connection capability that this router puts out. You could get less powerful models if you want to spend less money, too.

In short, we recommend this router which has now become a permanent member of our home thanks to D-Link for sending us one for purposes of review. No other compensation was given, and our review is honest and fair.


D-Link Full HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera and Full HD Wi-Fi Camera Review

Home security cameras seem to be the rage these days. It’s sad that we live in a world that needs them, but thanks to technology, there are some options in security now. We’ve reviewed some of these cameras by D-link in the past, and we have a couple of new ones in case you are looking to stop the Grinch from stealing Christmas.

The D-Link Full HD Pan and Tilt Wi-Fi Camera

photo credits: D-Link

This camera has the option of panning and tilting. It twists from side to side on the base for a 330 degree pan. The ball-looking camera tilts up and down for a 110 degree tilt. In 1080p HD, you’ll get a clear look at your room. Motion and sound triggered, you will get notification pushed to your device if there is movement or loud noises. Also, you have the ability to communicate from your phone or tablet with the camera, so you can say hi to your pet. Or you can tell your kid that you see them sneaking into the fridge. Yes, you can have real-time two way conversations. Night vision is great also up to 16 feet.

With options to record locally to an SD card, or wirelessly to the Cloud, there are a few options to hold on to recordings. If you want a subscription that holds more than 24 hours, you’ll have to pay, but the average user could probably get away with a free account.  Another great feature is that you can use this with Alexa or Google Assistant. Also works with IFTTT. Your smart home is now smarter.

Here’s a good video of this camera that you can purchase now for $99.43 on



Or maybe you’d like the

Full HD Wi-Fi Camera DCS-8300LH

This one has many of the same features as the camera above- same night vision, camera clarity, two way audio, sound and motion detection, and even storage options. This one doesn’t have the pan and tilt options that the other camera does, but you can still see a great view of your room. There’s also the capability of pinching to zoom in while viewing from your device.

One thing to note of these cameras is that they do not work from your computer. They seem to be Android or iOS app run only. This seems to be the biggest complaint from users.

If you want to order this camera, it is going for $89.99  on now.

Disclaimer- We received free product to try in exchange for our fair and unbiased review. No other compensation has been received.


D-Link Covr AC3900 Whole Home Wi-Fi System

It has been about two years since I reviewed D-Link’s AC3150, and I found it to be quite a router for my home. I first saw it at a CES, and I think the four antennae really just attracted me to it. I’m just going to assume that those four antennae help the coverage.

As you can see, the Covr AC3900 Whole Home Wi-Fi System has those four antennae, and I am guessing that they really help the coverage. Unlike the aforementioned AC3150, there is a router (Covr AC2600 Seamless Wi-Fi Router or COVR-2600R) and an extender (Covr AC1300 Seamless Wi-Fi Range Extender or COVR-1300E). It should be good for 6,000 square feet, and it seems good enough for my home.

According to the website, it can support 4 simultaneous data streams, which is good for “steaming 4K video and games”. Uh, I think you mean “streaming”, right?

Now, the set up works with a D-Link Wi-Fi app, but I didn’t really use it. I had some issues when I set it up with my computer, which was connected via wire. At first I couldn’t get it to work, so I decided to set it up with the extension, which I wasn’t really planning on using in the first place. Then it turned out I didn’t need that extension after all. What was really strange is that nothing was working, so I just turned off my modem and this router and it worked fine.

There are some features that are available like Parental Control as well as the possibility of a guest network as well. Oh yes, there is also DLNA devices for gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets, and much more.

Well, as we have been saying before, this was sent to us for an unbiased review, so here’s what I have to say: if you need a router, and you have a huge space, get the Covr AC3900 Whole Home Wi-Fi System. You can get it on the D-Link site for $299.99.

The Mini HD Wi-Fi Camera from D-Link for Home Security Needs

Today we’re going to talk about home security. It seems to be a big essential these days. Many videos have caught the thieves stealing items off porches lately.

The DCS-8000LH from D-Link is a good solution to home security needs. I should say right away that these mini cameras are NOT meant for outdoor monitoring- more like something you can monitor what is going on in a certain room, although if you had the right set-up near a window, you might be able to get footage during the day to make sure no one is stealing your packages.

The cameras shoot in 720p HD with a 120 degree wide angle lens, so you can see a good portion of your room. Sound and motion sensors will send push notifications to your phone to let you know of any activity going on. You can record from your phone- even at night, as there is night vision on the cameras.

They are pretty small (3.74 inches tall), and could fit in your hand, but not small enough to be a spy camera or anything. You do have to plug it in. It comes with a microUSB DS power adapter. The cord isn’t terribly long, so you’ll have to hope for a nearby outlet in a convenient place, or use an extension cord.

You’ll need to download the mydlink app, and some users have experienced problems setting up the Bluetooth connection with their wi-fi. Make sure you have a 802.11 n/g wireless router, and don’t give up if you have initial issues getting it connected. D-Link has customer service to help get you going.

This camera is not as good as the Ring devices, maybe, but those are also much more expensive. You can get a single camera for $59.99 on the D-Link site, or places like Wal-Mart and, or you can get a 2 pack for $119.99.

D-Link provided us with a single camera in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

Our Review of the D-Link DCS-2530L Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera

d-link-dcs-2530lOkay, it’s been a while since I reviewed a D-Link product, and one of the last one was the Full HD Ultra-Wide View Wi-Fi Camera. This particular DCS-2530L Full HD 180-Degree Wi-Fi Cmaera is a smaller version of that, and we had a chance to check it out for ourselves.

Just to let you know, you will be hearing some form of 180 in this review. First of all, it has a 180 degree field of view, which allows a 50 percent more view with a very wide angle lens. Oh, it also has a 1080p HD quality video which gives a lot of great clear video. So, there is a 180 listed twice, because 1080p is kind of like 180.

As you might have guessed, it is made for security, as it has night vision for 16 feet with built-in IR LEDs. It has sound and motion detection for some push alert notification when loud noises or movement is detected. You can put the recorded footage on microSD/SDXC slot.

Do you want to view this on Wi-Fi? That can hapen, and there is a remote viewing on the smartphone or tablet. It’s nice, and it has a mydlink Lite app.

Now, I just checked out the original Full HD Ultra-Wide View Wi-Fi Camera, and that model had most of the same features. The cool thing is that is cheaper at $159.99. You can get it at Best Buy and the D-Link site.

D-Link AC3150 Ultra Wi-Fi Router Review

D-Link AC3150Okay, I have reviewed a lot of routers in the past, and I’m starting to get used to setting them up. It is something that I never look forward to, because it is never fun to set up stuff when it can screw up that which you know works. Still, if you can make something work better, it is worth the time to do it.

Such is the case for the AC3150 Ultra Wi-Fi Router, and it resembles a crab or an upside-down dead spider. In case you are wondering, those antennas are made for delivering maximum range around the home. You should be able to get faster Wi-Fi speeds of up to 3165 Mpbs (1000 Mbps on 2.4 GHz + 2165 Mbps on 5 GHz).

Now, I have had a chance to test this out, and I have noticed that my websites come up very, very fast. The issue is that I don’t get a cure for blackouts. Yeah, I am going to have to blame my provider for that (I’m talking to you, Time Warner!).

It is apparently set up for gaming with this kind of set-up, and I suppose that is good! You should be able to get this on the D-Link site for $279.99.

Our Review of the D-Link Full HD Ultra-Wide View Wi-Fi Camera

D-LinkI’ve reviewed a lot of D-Link products in the past, and the last camera was The Outdoor HD Wireless Network Cloud Camera. I was fortunate enough to receive another from D-Link with the Full HD Ultra-Wide View Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-2630L), and something else came with it as well.

The company sent me these glasses that had these blinders on them, so my field-of-vision was limited. I decided not to take a picture of myself in them, but to quote Dennis Hopper from the movie Speed: “You got your blinders on!” I have no idea how much field of vision an actual human has, but this Ultra-Wide View Wi-Fi Camera has a 180 degree view, with 1080p resolution. What is interesting is that the view feels like a movie theater rather than the fisheye lens in some 180 degree cameras.

This camera can record video footage to a microSD card up to 128 GB. This allows for up to a week of continuous clip recordings that are accessible through web portal and the MyDlink application. By the way, the camera begins recording automatically to a microSD card when it senses changes in the home. You can even add up to three additional D-Link Wi-Fi cameras and make a kind of homemade security system.

The camera itself has a lot of interesting bonuses, like a built-in microphone, and it can even send alert notifications if the sound gets loud, like with broken glass. There is also a light sensor in case the camera needs to see in the dark.

If this sounds interesting to you, it is available for $199.99 at Best Buy and the D-Link shop. You can find out more information about it here.

Hands on with the D-Link mydlink Wi-Fi Water Sensor

D-Link WiFi Water SensorI believe that there is a term for “The Internet of Things” IOT, made to describe any device that is hooked to the Internet to do its job. In the case of D-Link mydlink Wi-Fi Water Sensor, it is a device that is connected to you Wi-Fi network to let you know if you have a water leak.

If you have a water heater or pipes that could leak, wouldn’t it be good to have something that could detect it? Not only does this device have an alarm built within the device, but it will push notifications through your Wi-Fi network so you can receive an alert on a mydlink Home App so you can see if there is something wet that shouldn’t be wet.

Set up is pretty easy, as you just plug in the Wi-Fi Water Sensor into an outlet, and then dangle the 3.5 foot sensor cable into the place where you might have a dampness problem. Push a button to join it to the network, and you have a way of preventing minor water damage before it gets really serious.

If you are a home-owner who is afraid of things like this, then the D-Link Wi-Fi Water Sensor is available for about $59.99 on the D-Link site.

The Outdoor HD Wireless Network Cloud Camera from D-Link

D-Link DCS-2330LFresh off my review of the Wi-Fi Baby Camera from D-Link, today I’m going to talk about the Outdoor HD Wireless Network Cloud Camera. This is another product from D-Link which is similar.

The Outdoor HD Wireless Network Cloud Camera is not made for the baby’s room, but it is, in fact, made for the outdoors. It is made for a lucky thirteen, which means it is good for -13 degrees to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only is it good for those temperatures, but it has a waterproof housing which means it is good for when it gets rainy, or even dusty.

It is difficult for me to talk about this product without talking about the aforementioned Baby Camera, as they are quite similar. For example, this DCS-2330L is able to record in Night Vision allowing good sight for about 15 feet in total darkness. It records in 720 HD, and it will record to a microSD card.

Another similarity is that you can access the footage anywhere with the mydlink app for iOS, Android, and Windows. Unlike the baby monitor, this is one camera that you want to use for all kinds of things like surveillance, or any other place where you need an extra eye. You can also receive handy push notifications for occasions for motion detection.

All in all, I’ve got to give it high marks. If you want to see it for yourself, feel free to head over to the D-Link site and pay $179.00.

The D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera (DCS-825L)

D-Link DCS-825LI haven’t been a new parent for over 10 years, but I believe that it practically a requirement to have a baby monitor with video now. The D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera is certainly all that, and more.

I’ve reviewed D-Link products before, and they are the ones that you want when you have anything Internet related. I had a chance to try out their AC-1750 Router, twice. The D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera, or DCS-825L, is able to connect to your Wi-Fi Internet connection, and then connect to your mobile phone with the free mydlink mobile app. This way, you can use the Baby Camera on the go. By the way, I am talking about when you might need to take your baby monitor on the road with you, not a situation where you are watching your baby from a far away location. D-Link and I don’t recommend the later. But one of the great features of the DCS-825L is an optional use of a battery pack (not included), so you don’t need a power cord.

Other features of the DCS-825L including motion detection, sound detection, and even temperature detection. Normally, you just get one of these and not the other, but this has push alerts and you can use the monitor even if the smartphone is locked. Another helpful feature is the night vision, which is a usually feature on baby monitors, and this one is good for 16 feet.

Another unusual feature is that this can do lullabyes, and it comes with 5 pre-programmed. There is also a two-way radio so you can communicate with the baby, assuming that doesn’t freak him or her out. Did I mention that there is a 4X pinch to zoom feature from the mobile app? Oh, it’s there.

As far as I am concerned, this D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera is the perfect gift for a couple who are about to have a baby. You should be able to get it on Amazon for about $179.99, and find out more information about it here.