Sol Republic Relays Sport Wireless and Amps Air

sol-republic-2I don’t know why this is the first time that I am reviewing something by Sol Republic, but I can tell you that I hope it isn’t the last time. From what I can tell, they make a lot of great Bluetooth audio products like Jabra.

I’ll start with my review of the Relays Sport Wireless. This is one of those wireless Bluetooth earbuds that are made for those that love to exercise. These particular guys are “sweat resistant”.

You know how most of these physical fitness wireless Bluetooth headsets have these funny banana shapes on them to keep them in your ear? Well, you might notice that the Relays Sport Wireless don’t have those. Instead, there is this circular thing there that is designed to keep them in your ear, and I would imagine that it is patented technology. It also keeps your ears from hurting from having these earbuds in for too long.

In addition to the wireless and stick-it-in-your ear quality, there is the added bonus of having great sound. It has the “high energy deep bass and clear vocals”. There is another bonus of being able to activate Siri, control volume, and pause/resume/skip thanks to the one-button controls.

You should be able to purchase the Relays Sport Wireless for $79.99 in black, teal, and yellow on the Sol Republic site.

sol-republic-1Now it is time to talk about another pair of wireless earbuds called the Amps Air. This is one of those wireless in-ear headphones that is simply two little things that you put in your ear. I have said several times before that these types of Amps Air earbuds will replace the Relays Sport Wireless type of earbuds.

It is pretty obvious why. Why have the wire going in between your earbuds when you can just put one in one ear and one in the other. Like the aforementioned relays, these are resistant to both rain and sweat, and presumably earwax.

Granted, you will have less of a charge with them, as they are only good for 3 hours on a single charge. That might not sound like a lot, but it includes a USB-rechargeable charging case that can provide up to 15 full charges.

If this sounds good to you, then you can get this as a Best Buy exclusive. It is available on the Best Buy site for $179.99, but you can find out more information on it on the Sol Republic site.

Just to let you know, I’ve been seeing a lot of models from other companies like the Relays Sport Wireless and the Amps Air. I recently got off the phone with the guy who sent me these to review, and most users of both these products for music and not fitness. However, it looks like these products are designed with fitness in mind, so you should check these out if you are into exercise.

Jam Audio Review: Jam Symphony and Jam Rhythm WiFi Home Audio Speakers

jam-audio-1I have written about Jam Audio products in the past, and I was surprised that I was sent these two stereo speakers to review. This is our review of the Jam Rhythm and the Jam Symphony, which allows streaming music from your phone through these speakers.

What is interesting is that you can sync up to eight of these Jam Audio WiFi speakers which will literally flood your house with sound. Seriously, I don’t live in a house with eight rooms, but these speakers can really flood the place with your music.

In order get your music on this connected speaker system, you need to download the free JAM application to stream Spotify, Rhapsody, iHeart Radio, with any personal music library.

jam-audio-2Now, I will have to admit that the Jam Rhythm and Jam Symphony doesn’t have a lot of differences between the specs. They have booming sound of immense bass with Massive 2.1 stereo sound.

Oh yes, one is bigger than the other. You can find the Jam Symphony on the Jam Audio site for $169.99, and you can find the smaller Jam Rhythm for about $119.99.

Hands on with the Helix Cuff from Ashley Chloe

ashley-chloe-2I first encountered the Helix Cuff at CES 2016 last January, and it often takes a year before I can get the tech in my hands for review. I had never heard of the company Ashley Chloe, but they have certainly made a very unique product.

It appears that the Helix Cuff was created to meet a demand in the iPhone market. Even months before it was released, it was rumored that it wouldn’t have a headphone jack. So it just makes sense to invest in Bluetooth earbuds. What makes the Helix Cuff interesting is how these Bluetooth earbuds are implemented.

The Helix Cuff is a bracelet that locks on the wrist really well, and you can use it to store the Bluetooth Wireless earbuds. It is very unique how it does it, and you would honestly never know that the earbuds were even there. It looks like the Helix Cuff is marketed for ladies, as it could easily be mistaken for jewelry.

These wireless earbuds can respond to voice commands so you can access Siri or similar program on an Android phone. They also use aptX technology for great sound, and I can testify to how good that it is.

So, I would like to think that there is a future for the Ashley Chloe and the Helix Cuff, and it is hopefully yours. Seriously, if this is something that you want, I will highly recommend it, and it can be purchased on the Ashley Chloe site for $199.

Spracht Konf-X Buds In-Ear Headset

spracht-1Every once in a while, I lose track of a company, and when it comes to Spracht, it has been four years since my last report with the BluNote + Chat. Spracht is one of those companies that makes a lot of Bluetooth headsets and speakers, but their products seem targeted toward those in business. These are the Konf-X Buds, and I have no idea how to pronounce them.

The Konf-X Buds are Noise Cancelling In-Ear Voice/Music Headset with multiple microphones for better conferencing. In many ways, the product reminds me of those wireless headsets that used to be around before smartphones became a thing.

Something tells me that the Konf-X Buds will work a lot better, as it has 3 MEMS impedance matched mics. Two of these are made to cancel out noise, and the other is made for the enhanced conferencing. By the way, there is a Mon button that can temporarily suspend Noise Cancellation, which will hopefully hear someone talking to you. The Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) In Ear Headset blocks out 90 percent of all outside noise.

If this sounds something that you would want for business and/or personal use, the Konf-X Buds can be purchased for $79.99 on the Spracht site.

Sengled Pulse Solo, a Light Bulb/Speaker

sengled-1Here’s a really interesting product from Sengled known as the Pulse Solo, which has a function as cool as it’s name. It is essentially a light bulb that acts as a Bluetooth speaker.

Not just any type of Bluetooth speaker, but an integrated JBL speaker. It has 3-watt speakers, on two sides of the bulb. All you need to do is just screw it in, and you can hear the tones as you pair it.

From there, it is as simple as playing your tunes, and now what makes light also makes sound as well. Whoa, that sentence actually came out better than I thought. In case you are wondering why it is called the Pulse Solo, it is because it can only work on itself.

By the way, there is an Android/iOS app that can control the light, not to mention the sound. Now that is one useful feature!

Yes, this is something really great, but I will have to say that I wish the light was more spread-out, as it is only on top. Yeah, this is hard to explain, but I suppose if you have a product that is a stereo speaker, where else are you going to have the speaker.

You should be able to purchase the Pulse Solo on the Sengled website for about $49.99, which might be a mark down from the usual $59.99 price.

Monster Christmas, Part 2: iSport Victory Bluetooth Athlete’s Headphone

monster-2I once reported last year for Monster that they want to “get rid of the crappy earbud” with the Clarity earbuds. It looks like Monster is keeping their promise of not making crappy earbuds and have made some Bluetooth ones for athletes.

The Monster iSport Victory Bluetooth is made for those who want to keep their tunes with them as they are working out. If you are the type of person who exercises about 8 hours a day, the iSport Victory should do it.

I believe what makes it a sports or athletic earbud is the fact that it comes in two sound profiles, warm-up and sports, along with Turbo Mode. It is also quite durable and sweatproof, and the cable is reflective for night running.

By the way, they are not only Bluetooth wireless, but they have some very light weight going on them. They have some secure fit ear-hooks, so they will stay in the ear, unlike a plain set of earbuds.

If this is something that you want or need, head on over to the Monster site and lay down $99.95. They are available in Black, Green, or Blue.

Monster Christmas, Part 1: SuperStar HotShot Portable Bluetooth Speaker

monster-1Well, it has been a while since I have reviewed anything from Monster. I don’t know if I will go to their party at CES 2017, but I did get a chance to review three of their products: the Superstar HotShot Bluetooth Speaker, the iSport Victory Athlete’s headphone, and the Monster Power.

The Monster SuperStar HotShot is known as a “Little Speaker with a Loud Attitude”. The HotShot is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and you can see that it has a loop there for a clip.

Yes, this is made for life on the road, but it doesn’t look as waterproof as speakers that I have seen from other companies. It does have a 5.5 hour play life, so it is good for at least the afternoon.

Oh, it is also NFC capable, and it can be used as a speakerphone for conference calls. It also is able to connect to any audio source with a wire as well.

All in all, it could make a good stocking stuffer provided your stocking has a wide mouth. Yeah, you might want to put this on top. It is available on the Monster site in black with neon-blue, black with black platinum, white with chrome, and black with gold for $49.99.

Moment Portable Bluetooth Speaker from Soundmatters

soundmatters-moment-2One thing that I love about being a gadget and tech reviewer is how good it is to review more than one product from one company. Oftentimes, I lose contact with a company, but when I reconnect, reviewing their product is like being reunited with an old friend. Such is the case with Soundmatters, as it has been years since I reviewed the FoxL DASH7 and the Dash-A, but I finally had a chance to review the Moment.

The Moment is a speaker that will fit in the palm of your hand, but you would be surprised at how much sound it can put out. It is billed as an ultra-portable audiophile speaker, the company says that it uses patented carbon-poly acoustic drivers and carbon-fiber infused body in order to provide near-field listening. I paired the Moment with my smartphone to listen to music, and I will testify to the ultra-precise, wide-frequency sound, as well as clear detailing and deep dynamics.

soundmatters-moment-1The battery life is good for up to 10 hours, with 90 minutes on a full charge. Now would be the time to talk about how it can charge. There is a place on the back of the moment that is one of those Energizer Wireless Charging technology stamps. In fact, the Moment comes with a stand that you can see here that allows connection to a USB/micro USB cord. All you do is just stick it on, and it is like the Moment is a bust, and the stand/charger is the neck. By the way, the charging cord can be used on the Moment speaker itself.

All in all, the Moment is one terrific Bluetooth speaker, and it can be purchased for about $169.00 ($249 MSRP) on the Soundmatters site.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC40BT QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless In-Ear Headphones

audio-technica-quietpoint-1I have had a terrific time reviewing Audio-Technica products before, and there are a lot of them out there. This particular ATH-ANC40BT QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless In-Ear Headphones has a lot going for it.

I have said before that wireless products like these are probably going out of style due to the new age of the wireless earbuds, but the ATH-ANC40BT have a very different design to them. You might be able to tell from the picture that they are the type that fit around your neck, but the controls are at your shoulders. The microphone is able to pick up ambient noise and tune it out like a noise eraser, so I am told.

The purpose of the controls are to have in-line mic controls for operating hands-free in answering and ending calls. By the way, these particular In-Ear headphones can pair up to eight Bluetooth enabled deices, and you can shift from one device to the other. By the way, there is a detachable 3.9 foot (1.2 meter) cable for a wired connection with an 3.5 mm stereo mini-plug.

As for the sound, they are able to distract background noise up to ninety percent, and it has 13.5 mm drivers. If you have any doubt about how great the sound is, it has aptX sound-improvement technology.

You should be able to pick up the ATH-ANC40BT QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Wireless In-Ear Headphones on the Audio-Technica website for about $129.99.

Hands-on Review of Jabra, Part 2: Sport Pulse Special Edition

jabra-2This is a Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition, and it is another one of those wireless earbuds that goes around your neck. It is billed as “the world’s first sports headphones with automatic fitness testing”.

The Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition has a built-in heart rate monitor in the ear. It is apparently made with US military standards, which means that it can withstand war or the worst workout, maybe both. Seriously, if something is military standard, that means it can take a hit, right? Well, this also has passive noise cancellation and enhanced bass.

It also has automatic VO2 Max tracking, which is “a scientific way to measure your absolute fitness”. It is a way of getting the maximum rate of oxygen that the body consumes during exercise, and helps determine the endurance level. So it has some VO2 Max levels for enhancing the user’s performance, as I don’t know much about this until I read about it. I think this is what makes this the Special Edition, but i’m not really certain.

These can do music and take calls for about 5 hours. That might not sound like much, but how long is your workout, anyway? By the way, you can integrate with apps like Endomondo, Strava, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, and Runtastic. There is also a Jabra Sport Life app that will plan and monitor your exercise performance.

In case you are worried about the earbuds falling out, that won’t happen as it has a perfectly secure fit with COMPLY isolation foam ear tips. I am told that it has a 3-year warranty against sweat, so it must be resistant against some wetness and weather as well.

If this sounds like something you want, then head over to Jabra site and pay $159.99 for them.