Nixplay Seed Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

I remember a time when digital photo frames were all the rage. They seem to be making a comeback these days. They’re a lot more digitally apt than the ones we had way back when. Here’s the last digital frame I reviewed. The frame we’re reviewing today is the Nixplay Seed WiFi Cloud Frame.

photo credit: Nixplay

The specific model we got to review is the 13 inch widescreen monitor. There are other options, which I’ll touch on later, but we’re reviewing this one currently. The 13.23(w) x 8.39(h) x 1.30 inches(d) frame, with a weight of 730 grams will fit nicely on a coffee table, desk or wall. This frame does not use SD cards or any external thumb drives. Instead, it works all on Wi-Fi/Cloud-based. This has its pros and cons. Obviously, you’ll need a Wi-fi connection in order for it to work. On the other hand, you’ll never run out of room.

This frame features instant sharing with the Nixplay app or e-mail. This frame would make a perfect gift for grandparents who aren’t technologically savvy. You can put pictures on their frames from far away. It also features a high resolution display, and a motion sensor to save power when you’re not in the room. You can display it in landscape or portrait mode.

It supports JPEG and PNG photos with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. A speaker on the back will allow you to listen to music with your picture slideshow. Also a nice feature is that it smartly adjusts to the lighting in your room, so you will always see the pictures at their best. The power cable also doubles as a stand that works in either orientation.

We can recommend the Nixplay Seed digital frame. It does come in different sizes and colors, but in the biggest size(13.3 inches), it is only available in black for now. $209.99 will buy this frame, although there is a discount on their website if you buy multiples through the 4th of November. We would suggest getting in on this deal right away!

Thanks to Nixplay for sending us this product to review. Our honest opinions and views are not based on any compensation.

Wow! It’s the Waterproof WOW-SOUND Speaker!

World of Watersports (WOW) has come out with a speaker for those who like to live on the water.The company is known for making inflatable products for the water, but they’re throwing their hat into the speaker ring. We’ve been given the opportunity to try this baby out.

Photo credit:wow

WOW-SOUND Speaker Features

The first thing you are going to notice about the WOW-SOUND is the size. This thing is 9.8 x 9.8 x 8.8 inches in dimension, and about five pounds. I’m thinking it might have something to do with the battery life- which depending on the use, could last up to 50 hours. It does have four 2 inch Neodymium speakers in a 360 degree fashion, and also a 4 inch passive bass on top under the handle.

You wouldn’t expect this thing to be able to float, but it does! There’s also the 360 led white light around the bottom that has 3 different brightness settings.

What’s in the WOW-SOUND Box?

You get an inflatable holder for your speaker. The speaker is made to float, but it doesn’t sit directly on top of the water. A little submersion of the speakers distorts the sound a little, so the floaty helps.

You also get a floating, waterproof phone holder. I think that was brilliant to include. Gotta keep the device that holds your tunes dry and safe as well. A charging cord is included. Keep this thing in a safe place. It’s not the usual micro- USB charger, so you don’t want to let this thing wander away.

And you also get a manual- though this speaker is pretty self-explanatory and sets up easily right out of the box.

The Good and the Bad of the WOW-SOUND

I think this speaker has some great sound. I listened to some Pentatonix on it, and the music was crisp and clean with great bass. There have been complaints that the speaker doesn’t get that loud, but it filled up my house.

If you are in a large outdoor area, far away from your speaker, maybe you’d like it to be louder. It CAN be paired with another WOW speaker, but that could get spendy.

The speaker is meant to be able to fit in a cup holder, but I think with the circumference of this thing that it might not make a good fit for cup holders. That’s not really the end of the world, though.

With the length of the battery life, I would like to see the ability for this speaker to charge other devices. There’s not an option to do so, however. All- around, I do think this is a great product for the outdoors- at the beach or the pool. You can get it for $206.77 on Amazon. 

Thanks to WOW for sending us this product to review. Our opinion is our own, and has not been influenced in any way by the company.

Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor Review

It’s been several years since we’ve reviewed a baby monitor. We’ve reviewed various security cameras, and this product from EUFY is similar to what I’ve seen, but it also has some nice features. So without further ado, the Spaceview Baby Monitor.

photo credit:eufy

Spaceview Baby Monitor and Camera Features

The Spaceview Baby Monitor is a very futuristic looking device that keeps watch over your little one while you are not in the room. It consists of the Spaceview Baby Camera that gives you a 330 degree view of the room. It has a 110 degree vertical tilt to allow a view from down low to up high. A wide angle lens is included to give you the option of a wider view if you’d like. A 720p resolution gives you clarity that other baby monitors don’t have. There is also the 2x zoom feature.

The Eufy Spaceview Baby Monitor itself has some great features. A five inch screen allows you to see more of your precious baby. A mic and speaker are built into both products so you can have two way communication.

A smart alert allows you to set the volume at which you want to be notified if attention is needed. This is great for parents who don’t want to be woken up for every breath and movement. Also, you can see what the temperature in baby’s room is at all times. This monitor has a long lasting rechargeable battery, so you can take it all over your house without being tethered to a power cord.

What’s in the Box?

Besides the monitor, camera, and wide-angle lens, you also get a sturdy wall-mount to set the camera on. I wouldn’t suggest the corner by the crib, though, as is pictured on the box. It has a cord running down, and when baby gets older, that thing will get tugged on.

There are plenty other options you could use for mounting, though. Two micro USB charging cables, mounting screws, 2 AC power chargers, and the usual instruction manual also comes in the box. The product is simple to set up, and you can use it right out of the box.

Should you buy the Spaceview Baby Monitor?

This high-tech gadget would be a great gift for future parents of little ones. The price tag is more than the average baby monitor at $169.99 on the EUFY site, but the security and craftsmanship is worth it for those who are seeking a high quality product.

Disclaimer- The views of this review are not influenced by the company in any way. We were sent a free model to review in exchange for our unbiased and honest opinion.

RapidX X4 Home Super Compact 4-Port Charger

The Geek Church has had an opportunity to review RapidX products in the past. The product we’re reviewing today from RapidX is a 4-port charger for your home and office.

photo credit: RapidX

The X4 charger is basically a station where you can charge all your products in one place. It has 3 USB- A ports, and 1 type-C port. The power adapter converts down the 110V from the power source. This will send only 14 volts to the charger. You still get the full charging speed, but it will provide a better, safer charge than other charging stations that run the 110+ Volts directly to the charging devices.

When you purchase the $39.99 device, you are getting the choice of a black or white alloy finished device. A portable stand that can be mounted to different surfaces like the wall or desk will hold the charger in place. It also has a six foot long cord so you can run it anywhere. The small size (4 inches by 0.87 inches) also has a benefit over desk charging ports that are less expensive.

If this is something you need in your life, visit the RapidX website.

RapidX sent us this product for free in exchange for our fair and unbiased review. No other compensation has been given.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Headset Review

Here we go with another gaming headset review. This one is the new Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Headset. We’ve been the recipients of some Turtle Beach products in the past. The most recent was the Ear Force Recon Chat headset. These headphones are on the higher end of the spectrum of gaming headphones.

photo credit:Turtle Beach

What you get With the Elite Atlas Headset

In the box, you will see

  • The Gaming Headset for PC(also works with other gaming systems and mobile devices)
  • Headset audio cable with inline controls
  • PC splitter cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Removable microphone
  • Turtle Beach sticker

Elite Atlas Headset Build and Comfort

The headset has a great build. The ear cups are soft and very padded. The material on them gives the wearer a long lasting comfort to wear for hours. The headband is nicely padded and very giving. They are flexible and durable. The removable microphone is easy to adjust and twists and molds into different positions suitable to the user. The ProSpecs™ design will eliminate pressure on those who wear glasses.

Elite Atlas Headset Sound

Because of the padding of the earcups, the headphones are great for blocking out other noises. With the 50mm Nanoclear speakers, you get quality sound. The braided wired cord does make a little noise when it brushes your clothes, but it’s only noticeable when there is no other sound coming through the headphones. Truspeak™ technology gives the microphone excellent sound quality.

For $99, these quality gaming headphones have great sound, and I think they would make a great Christmas gift for the gamer in your life. You can check them out some more on the Turtle Beach website, and get free shipping there as well.

Disclaimer: Turtle Beach sent this free product to TheGeekChurch in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received, and this review is not influenced in anyway by the company.

The Presidio Grip Case and Toast Wood Cover Review

I’m doing a review tonight that is a combo of different companies. One is a case, and one is a skin. Yeah, kind of a weird mash-up, but this is what I’m going with. They both have to do with phones, so here you go:

Presidio Grip

Photo credit:Presidio

This case, available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for $44.95  protects your phone while preventing slips. It has a rubberized surface with texture for easy grip. This case is drop tested up to 10 feet.

It comes in many different colors, and is actually available for many different types of phones. For the Galaxy Note 9, it comes in this Microchip Grey/Ballpoint Blue, Black/Black, Charcoal Grey/Graphite Grey, Eclipse Blue/Carbon Black, and Black/Dark Poppy Red. Check it out for your Note 9 and more on the Speck site.

The Toast Wood Cover

This product is different than most phone accessories we have reviewed.  It’s not quite a protective case, but it’s a little more durable than a skin. This adhesive product basically sticks to your phone, buttons and camera- giving it a real wood texture that can be customized.

We’ve reviewed this product in the past for different iPhones, and even the Surface Pro. Fans of the past Toast skins will like that you can now get one for the iPhone X / XS / XR / and XS Max.

The cases start at $34.00, but you can add little customized things for slightly more. There are different wood combos you can choose for the cover and buttons. The colors come in Walnut, Ash, and Ebony. The thing that I like about the cover is that it has that nice wood smell.

If you want to see all the styles you can add to this beautiful skin, check the Toast site out.

Both of these products were sent to us free of charge in exchange for our unbiased and honest reviews. No other compensation was given.

Nomad Cases Offer Stylish Ways to Protect Your iPhone: Rugged Case, Rugged Folio, Rugged Tri-Folio, and Carbon Case

If you are interested in “seeking adventure” and protecting your new iPhones, we have some cases from Nomad to introduce to you. Nomad is a company that we’ve reviewed in the past. Today, we’ll be showcasing four different cases.

The Nomad Rugged Case

all photos credited to Nomad

The Rugged case protects phones from 6 foot drops while looking stylish and rugged. It is made of Horween leather, which weathers with a patina over time. It also has a sleek rubber bumper on the edges. We have reviewed similar cases in the past, but this case for the newest iPhones are made to be 33 percent thinner. This will give you some better portability. They also have the ability to be charged wirelessly. These are available in black or brown for $44.95 on the Nomad site.

The Nomad Rugged Folio

Also made of Horween leather, this case gives you a little extra. The fold-over front will hold up to three credit cards, or drivers’ license, etc. There is also a slot for cash. It is recommended that you get a screen protector to protect from potential scratches should you choose to store cards. This case is available for $59.95 for new iPhones in black and rustic brown.

The Nomad Rugged Tri-Folio

For $79.95, you can go another step up and do the tri-fold case. There isn’t much more to this one besides another card slot, and an extra fold with another cash slot. This one would probably negate the need for a screen protector since your cards aren’t scratching up the screen.


The Nomad Carbon Case

This case looks pretty basic, but it does have a sleek design, and protection from up to a six foot drop as well. It mostly has a semi-gloss, satin finish, but it also has 1/4 matte finish. This case is strong and sturdy, but also thin and lightweight. $34.95 will buy this case for the iPhone X, XR and XS Max. 

So there are some more great cases from a good company to consider for Christmas gifts.
Thanks to Nomad for sending us some product to test in exchange for our fair and unbiased review. No other compensation was given.

Sky Rider Eagle 3 Pro Quadcopter Drone with Wi-Fi Camera

Here’s another review for something that would make a great Christmas present. For the budding aviator, we have the Sky Rider Pro Quadcopter Drone with a Wi-Fi camera.

photo credit: Sky Rider

We’ve had the chance to review several drones in the past, and this is another one. This drone I would recommend for those starting out in the world of drones due to its price. It has a lot of features that other drones have, which include:

  • 360 degrees flips and tricks
  • 6 axis gyroscope
  • Wi-Fi camera
  • Headless mode
  • Ability to stream live video to your smartphone or VR headset
  • LED navigation lights
  • A 2.4GHz remote control with a phone holder

The rechargeable lithium polymer battery takes about 120 minutes to charge, and it will give you less than 10 minutes of flight time. Six to eight minutes to be safe. The drone is very light weight, and not really reliable on a day with any breeze, but many drones are like that. The camera isn’t much to write home about- 480p, but again for the price, it is well worth it to play around with.

Along with the drone, you get:

  • Phone holder
  • USB cable
  • Four protection guards
  • Four replacement rotors
  • Screwdriver
  • Remote Control- 4 AA batteries not included

Marked down from $40, you can buy this on for $29.97.

Creative Lab’s iRoar Go Powerful Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker

photo credit:Creative Labs

This Bluetooth speaker is small, but mighty. It has a sound that you wouldn’t expect to come out of this little speaker you can carry in your hand. We’re reviewing another Creative product today. This is the iRoar Go.

This speaker has 5 drivers with built-in subwoofer. The bass really rocks on it. You can see it vibrate on the passive radiators on the end. There are also two amplifiers, and the ability to save your personalized equalizer settings into the device. This 1.78 pound device can really rock it.

Other great features include the ability to plug in a microphone and use the device as a personal PA system. You can do Karaoke on it, and even record yourself. The battery life is a lengthy 12 hours, but you can use some of that up with charging your phone or tablet on it. You can play FLAC/WAV/ or MP3 files through microSD cards or USB flash drives. Of course, there is also the Bluetooth capability to play things from your device  with a powerful 4.2 connection.

There is so much that we can say about this neat product, but the video is better at showing it. If you want this product, it sells for $149.63 on with free Prime shipping. $149.99 on the Creative site. That’s down $50 from it’s original price, so a pretty good sale going on there just in time for Christmas.

Thanks to Creative for sending us this product to review in exchange for our unbiased and fair analysis. No other compensation has been given.

All you Need: Creative Labs Outlier One Plus with Built-in Media Player

Photo credit: Creative Labs

It hasn’t been long since we reviewed a pair of Outlier in-ear headphones from Creative Labs. We do have another chance to review a pair today, and this review is of the Creative Labs Outlier One Plus.

These in-ear headphones are an upgrade from the Outlier One. We’ve not reviewed the Outlier One, but we know that these have an improved Bluetooth connection- 4.2 as opposed to 4.1. They also have the special feature of a built-in Media Player with 4GB of internal memory.

What’s in the Outlier One Plus Box?

  • The Outlier One Plus
  • Three sizes of ear-tips and and two types of secure-tips
  • USB Cable (0.25 m)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Carry pouch

Outlier One Plus Battery

The battery life depends on how you use the in-ear headphones. If you pair it with Bluetooth to your devices, you’ll get up to 7 hours. Using the MP3 alone will give you longer- up to 10 hours.

Outlier One Plus Comfort and Build

The flat line cord is made to prevent twisting and tangling, and to lay nicely across your neck. They have an IPX rating of 4, so you can wear them in the rain or while sweating, and not worry about damage. The in-line mic is built with easy-to-navigate controls. The earbuds give you a choice of fit, and can block out surrounding noise well. They also have the wingtips to provide a secure fit.

Outlier One Plus Overall Value

For $49.99, I think these are an excellent value, and worth checking out more.

Thanks to Creative Labs for sending these to us to review in exchange for our fair and unbiased analysis.